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Jan 2019
Life is hard. Yes it is.

All motivations are temporary,
And so is all the outside attention.
When life slaps you, take it as a new break
Life’s slaps are still permanent but its claps are all fake.

If you take a decision, don’t look back
Don’t live in apologies and permissions.
Even if you do, don’t blame yourself, don’t regret
Never feel guilty for following your unique path in any condition.

Never let someone else’s beliefs
Become a barrier in your way.
Act with love not with aggression
Don’t let someone else’s bitterness harden your heart’s clay.

Don’t suppress your love, don’t suppress your voice
Just because people are afraid of your roars.
Don’t depend on anyone for believing in yourself
Learn to find and open your own doors.

Life is tough. Yes it is.

Cherish your sensitivities
But never let them become your weakness
Love someone with all your honesty and heart
But don’t be afraid to let go, don’t sacrifice your uniqueness.

Prove yourself to yourself
Not to the people, not to the world.
If you ever need to choose, choose yourself
You’re not needy, you’re a free bird.

Shed rivers of tears
Then gather all your gear
If you can’t fight with anyone else
At least fight with your own fears.
       Philipa James, ThatBrokenOne and Perry
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