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Arsala May 23
I don’t want to sleep
I don’t want to dream
I don’t want to see your face…
Every time I close my eyes.
Even if you are sleeping next to me…
You are still in my dreams.
Who says we have a right to live or a right to die.
God created the world.
And at first we were awe stuck.
How selfish and greedy have we all become.
When children become the victims
Of extreme war
Through no fault of thier own .
No child should have to suffer
But they all do.
Escaping with their life's
At what cost .
Will the world watch
As they all suffer and die.
Or become orphans
A lost generations.

This world is to focused
on themselves.
Material  minded
Whosoever will save their life
Shall loose it.
But whosoever looses theirs
For my same shall save it.


— The End —