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Mark kenny Aug 2020
How close can they be?
Is the reality the main reason, they let me be?

The way I am been stared at still keeps me from holding on to my new found existence
Always finding my way back in the midst of people who lurk around because of the mystery of my existence.

How come he is superficial and faint hearted?
On a closer look words like "egocentric" and accommodating fuels their hatred.

I still believe they are meant to be a close shave giving me the push I need
But I need to stop writing about them no wonder life crushes every challenges when I am in need.

Ever had some set of people gasping for breathe anything you are in sight?
A new victim of close admirers I really need to shade my energy anytime they are in sight.
A different phase that I soon be with my own found reality. Why am I on the verge of tears as society still struggle to understand what I am made of? Should I still be distant or hold on to the fact that anguish and pain fuels who I am meant to be. I am staring at them on plain sight but the reality I am seeing is sending me back into the illusion that I am truly unique. But we all need each other to thrive because their pain is my fuel while my mystery keeps them anticipating who I want to become 🔜
Mark kenny Aug 2020
Waking up realizing that known outcome will soon  present itself sooner
All road leads to a destination I wish I can conquer the problem sooner.

Another turnoil right within my grasp leaving the possibility out in the cold
So many reasons to hold on to my past ways but scary moments leave me out in the cold.

Ready to act on the information on ground planning out a new strategy
I am in love with my Silent enemies but nothing will make me fall for their new found strategy.
A quick realisation about how the true reality can actually pan out like. A confusing state where nobody has your back but a lot of buzzing shows how the true reality should look like. My new energy is enough for everyone to tap into but nothing beats a silent enemy creeping up on me trying to drain me of my new energy.🎭
Mark kenny Jul 2020
If I was a fruit would your first reaction be to devour every piece that I let you take
Would you choose me above anyone else or just look past and stretch to take.

Maybe my glowing skin would distract you and all do is fall endless in love and just gaze
Never minding what people say as you savour every piece of me not minding the hungry gaze.

Droplets of my remains litter the hungry floor, don't bother reaching out to me, if not I will be no more
Already thinking of biting a piece of me harder!!! than you did before, until you can have no more.

But the pictures of the smashed watermelon in my head chases the cravings before i even start to devour
More pictures already developing in my head as I hold my tongue and clamour
Loose change is the new harsh reality... A new black race is evolving learn to keep your grip on the edge. We were meant to run through hell but we came back stronger. A race that matters. Smashed watermelon for those that choose too matter. #BLM🏴
Mark kenny Jul 2020
Learn to grow out of situations that life has a way of throwing right in front of you
A blurred line already shooting through nothing seems to be in place either way.

The temporary feel of pain having it's way would just show you towards a better you
As soon as the fate we learnt to have upon ourselves come out and begin to play.

Fighting and overcoming life predicaments is a mind game and we all have the key
So once pre planned moments start going sideways learn to check the good side.

A little bit of happiness is what we would shed through us to just make us free
A lot is going on when you look from a brighter perspective and look the other side.
Hold on to the process of change. That phenomenon is very constant. But imagine another world with nothing to worry about...a place where worries trip and fall asleep. Your mind is a bank so feed it with the right deposits🔑
Mark kenny Jun 2020
A new discovery as I draft this last words that I am hoping on deleting once I am done
I really need to make a stand as I choose to listen to the whispers as soon as I am done.

The pages lay blank but the ideas are filled with a lot to fill a book to the brim
On another quest as soon as my Listeners realise I just wasted their time in exchange for a trim.

A lot of blank pages on my notes making me doubt myself anytime I hold my pen to pass down the knowledge
The only reason that keeps me from relenting or stopping is that I can't seem to hold on to the knowledge.
A lot to say but enough of what I have to add. Ever experienced writer's block and nothing seems to flow your way.... it's already starting ✍️
Mark kenny Jun 2020
On my journey to stardom I came across so many people that changed my perception
Each time I was on the verge of giving up they came along and made me see a new perception.

So I am glowing because my thoughts are actually different from the way they used to be
I realised the people in my corner are meant to push me more than I used to be.

So the focus is slowly shifting from who we were before to a fresh new beginning
As soon as I look up to the sky I see angels in disguise pointing me towards a new beginning.
Life could be pretty funny at times. In some moments you feel alone waiting for someone to run along and gear you towards your goals. Some angels are among us who tend to shine the light we are so desperate to dim .
Mark kenny Jun 2020
My thinking is slowly becoming different as I check behind my shoulders each time to secure myself
Rarely never on the influence so all I think about is the reality that I can only see by myself.

Mind clouded but in reality nothing seems to make sense anymore as I dodge every arrow
But looking feeble and weak each time I am baked make you wish you had a wheelbarrow.

People ask me why am I thoughts so different like I am seeing a new reality
The following was what ensured when a paranoid thinker showed them a new reality.
The way our head spins while we think deeply makes me realise how different we are. The very fact that our specie is rare and unique brings out the thoughts that cloud even the darkest minds.☁️
Mark kenny May 2020
Same spot
Still stuck in the same spot that I was seen the last time you lent an helping hand
I am tired of leaning on people as soon as my problems start to unfold like I don't have the helping hand.

I realise my own problems are there for a reason to push me towards what I am looking out for
So once the mind changes the focus should basically shift from what we have to what we set out for.

But I am back on the same spot I lost the power that pushed me beyond limits
How do I recover from staying stuck all my life I  need to find how to exceed my limits.

So I scamper having a new energy in play as I focus on how to improve on myself
Not knowing how the outcome will play out
But still I want to keep improving on myself.
Don't wait on the exact thing that pushed you towards your limits until you need a new reason to grind.
Mark kenny May 2020
Steady pushing the bad wagons in my life out making sure they stay out this time
Why will I endure all this disasters and still conquer and you think you can waste my time.

The only reason I choose myself everytime out of a million people isn't strange to me
Just imagine the stare I give out to people that claim they are closest to me.

I am bound to make mistakes don't hate on what I admit myself and claim you are perfect
Still on a lone road as I administer my success pill just to make me perfect.

A lot of stages in my life that I wouldn't change not even for a minute of regret
The isolated accident that I found myself in again I wouldn't change the life I regret.
Life wasn't meant to be spent in total isolation but still focus on what your energy brings to the table.
Mark kenny May 2020
Unsatisfied by the recent decisions made by those above them
So scared to talk or even voice out against those above them.

Sitting hungry in silence letting the dictator dictate their fate
Not minding how their life is on a pause so they could seal their fate.

Too much silence enveloping our mind even our fears is starting to stand out
Why do we keep grumbling when our voice could actually make us stand out.

The face of society isn't who we are but how we fight against what we want
The fate of the grumbling crowd I wouldn't have a chance to see if they get what they want.
Still trying to figure out if we are meant to be voiceless or we should our voice for a true cause.
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