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Jul 2020
If I was a fruit would your first reaction be to devour every piece that I let you take
Would you choose me above anyone else or just look past and stretch to take.

Maybe my glowing skin would distract you and all do is fall endless in love and just gaze
Never minding what people say as you savour every piece of me not minding the hungry gaze.

Droplets of my remains litter the hungry floor, don't bother reaching out to me, if not I will be no more
Already thinking of biting a piece of me harder!!! than you did before, until you can have no more.

But the pictures of the smashed watermelon in my head chases the cravings before i even start to devour
More pictures already developing in my head as I hold my tongue and clamour
Loose change is the new harsh reality... A new black race is evolving learn to keep your grip on the edge. We were meant to run through hell but we came back stronger. A race that matters. Smashed watermelon for those that choose too matter. #BLM🏴
Written by
Mark kenny  27/M/Nigeria
   N, Sushant and Aer
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