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ryn Nov 2015
•i only               •••            weep for          
the path of my brethren•when we turn          
to bloodshed to settle petty squabbles•          
the rage               •••                  in  our          
hearts could          
not be more brazen•          
for we have ground all we-          
've built to dust and rubble•the tears from the fau-      
cets of many only trickle•the drips could never douse
the flames we've stoked • we play with lives as we pit
                    them to a gamble•the hei-               nousness
                           within us that we've                     carelessly
... invoked•
                                              ­                                       •••••
                                             ­                                       ••••••
                                                ­                                     •••
Concrete Poem 5 of 30

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— The End —