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if you're gonna chasing me
please smell like pine trees
warmed-up by the sun
bowing down to the sea
why do you care of someone
for whom you are
l o v e   h e r
she's strong
enough to
stay tall
but needs your
p u r p o s i v e    h a n d s
to raise her up
in case of fall
my dear friend
i don't mind
you fulfill my days
but you scared me a bit
yes you did
coming silently
when i was laying
next to him
look at these
faded photographs
we've never taken

flourish summer
our faces above water's surface
gaze fixed on each other

all faded all faded all
no second can go back
no touch i can feel one more time
meet me halfway
like all the husbands
cannon into the future wives
like kids finding on the streets
homeless dogs and cats
as it should be
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ConnectHook Mar 2018
A princess of poets, Miss Kaur
Was promoted through publishing's power.
Scrawling lines for a hobby,
This perky Punjabi
Turned rupees to dollars per hour
Kaur is a name used by Sikh women as either a middle or last name [. . .]
Since 'Kaur' means "Princess", the name acts as a symbol of equality among men and women.
(from Wikipedia entry on "Kaur")
Sandoval Oct 2017
Under the October

Is where the sunset

took my heartbreak


— The End —