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Cindy Long Mar 2018
She stood in the middle of the room, listening to you tell your friends how proud you were of her.
How well she did last night. didn't take much to break her in even though she fought you with all that you could muster.
You gladly, boastfully, spilled out every ounce of soggy, sweaty detail.
How you had worked late and your lips were cracked and your heart was cold when you strode through the door.
How construction was finally done and you knew shed be locked in with nowhere to go.
How you saw her there and didn't hesitate; you didn't even blink. You slugged directly to her and dropped to your knees.
How you braced your forearm firmly against her torso and forced one leg from the other and she gasped.
How you licked your lips and knew your work was cut out for you with her; she had never done this before and you could tell just by how empty she looked.
You leaned back resting on your heals and breathed in deep, getting comfortable in your seat. And continued on.
How you zip tied her legs open so she couldn't slam shut-keeping you from what's inside.
How you gathered all the things you believed you would need and laid them out in front of her so she could see.
How you smiled and said, "Okay, here we go." And she whimpered.
How she stared down in terror like a tower and she knew she was about to get bombed.
How first, you easily and carefully pressed against her just to see how much pressure she could take.
If she couldn't handle your hands then she wouldn't be in store for what was next.
How you flipped up her top and she let out a huge gust of air.
How you nodded and clasped your hand together.
How her legs were heavy and pulled against the ties but they held her strongly.
How you pushed it into her and filled her up.
She was small and not a lot would fit inside her so you had to choose wisely.
How you played with positions and when you found the one that suited you most-you soaked her.
How you thought she smelled so good wet and you knew it wouldn't be long now.
How she hissed as you toyed with her.
How you blew on her and your breath was cold but she still lit up like nothing you'd ever seen.
How she practically exploded in your face and it made you laugh.
You leaned into your armchair-reminiscing on the thought for a second but, quickly finished the tale.
How you poked and prodded her with a long, thick iron and even though she was burning you didn't stop til she was roaring.
How you watched her lungs fill up with smoke and tears roll down her chin but, you couldn't be happier.
How you flipped out your pocket knife and cut her ties allowing her legs to creak shut hastily but you could still see her insides.
How you stepped back and told her you already felt so much better.
How she made you all warm and cozy and that she made this house feel more like a home.
Your friends ooed and awed at the end and smiled and patted her like she had won the game.
But she felt like the loser-small and scared and broken.
And she knew she couldn't escape and that when everyone left he'd come in with a cold heart and she'd be the only thing to suffice.
She closed her eyes and held her breath as she prepared herself for tonight.
To make the biggest fire ever!
So he wouldn't be able to ever make fires in anyone else ever again.
Tonight she was guna burn that ******* to the ground.
If she was going down he was going with her.
She opened her eyes and stared at him from the middle of the room and watched him smile.
And you know what?
She smiled back.

— The End —