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Though the lines are false - The words hold true, We lose our minds to the little ***** that our brains have - Lost, Treasures we believe mean more to us than those who buried them - Why follow a stray letter that blows towards our lovers, Caught blind & broken- with only the last words that may have said I Love You, Watch us laugh realizing - That our Pain causes everyone else the humor they seek, Flee from the land and - Find the place our roots first began to grow, My understanding of I that found - out he was she, that began at we, Oh to feel the tears of our holy faith - infrequent but ever so prevalent, Finding out that big words we use take - small ones to explain their meaning, Pleased with the dictation, this line looks stitched, A Puzzling fear causes the hand to quake but it fights the - shiver, tell a story about what was written, lose yourself in a call for - eyes, These are the last words of this poem they mean very little I Love You
I wrote this on a styrofoam cup while sitting at work, if you would like to get a circular image of this, or just a cool picture (I think) then if you draw a straight vertical line and start writing with the title at the top right of the line, each dash is where the poem crosses the line, example:      
                                                      l A Poem About...
                                         ... false l The words hold...
and so on   Enjoy!

— The End —