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Declan Quinn Mar 2016
Too late? she asked
Too late for, can we talk? He said.
Too late for the talk,
Too late for the words,
Too late for empathy.
Too late to save it.
Too late, just too late.

Too soon? He asked
Too soon, she said.
Too soon for more lies,
Too soon for the truth
Too soon for the return.
Too soon to fix it.
Too soon, but not forever.
Too many too's?
Wesley Andrade Sep 2015
(looking blanking into the reflection, lost in thought)
[in thoughts]

?-Why'd you do it?

Me-You made me, you drowned me, killed me.

Me-I don't even get to see myself until I look in the mirror from your eyes

?-You got weak, I helped you get stronger since you asked

Me-I didn't ask, you took over. You burned off my wings, desecrated my armor that I wore honorably.

?-Because you asked for my power, and now you will parish


(looks into the mirror, and punishes it)

[Grabs a piece of glass and crushes it, grabs a bigger edge]

?-So you think you're stronger than me?

Me-If you are a part of me, then you will know that I will crush you

[Fights the temptation to cut myself]

Me- I will win, I have to. I need to tell her, not you.


Me-Because, she is a part of me. She has my other half, and I won't let you make me destroy myself anymore.

[crushes the edge with the other hand]

Casey... I will make this up... It is my duty to fix this...
I will make this right...
My nightmares are over, the orders are done.
I will not fail...

Athena would want me to get this right, everyone of my friends who I saw get buried would want me to.

I'm sorry...
I tried hurting myself, and it didn't work.
I've done some ****** up things, and I have to make up for it.

— The End —