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You’ve been friends for what seems like forever, until one day you realize you don’t really want to hear about this amazing hookup he had last night. You’re not sure why. Usually, you’d be happy for him, but something has changed. When you fall in love with your gay BFF you have to tell him (once you’re sure it’s not a fleeting crush). Who knows? He may like you too. probably NOT.
Kyle Land Apr 2016
How I miss that spontaneous smile, and
The giggle that echoed off the walls
Of the universe, permeating every hopeless
Crevice and spawning endless joy.

How I long for the endless conversations
About boys, movies, and ukulele chords.
Your shoulder to cry oceans on, while your
Baby smooth fingers run through my messy hair.

How I wish his potent spell hadn’t
Sunk into your heart, meticulously *******
The bliss from life, and leaving you
Shriveled and somber.

How I cry when I see those speckled eyes
Flicker with tears, while you gulp down
All the pain, all the grief, all the anger
That festers inside your entire being.

How I love this gem, this rarity in humanity
That engulfs the world like a supernova of
Wonder and zest; and while the clouds of perdition
Loom overhead, your light will never snuffed.
Em Aug 2014
It's demeaning
It's offensive
It's selfish
And stupid
It's pathetic
And putrid
We've worked so hard
To be taken seriously
To have our rights
Not taken so callously
But some people
Would like it;
Being someone's gay best friend.
Be proud that you're gay
And friends with him/her anyway

— The End —