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the architecture: our design, our formulation

we design as we go along.

plans develop themselves organically.

somehow, we formalize, organize spontaneity.

learning-as-we-go, ourselves teaching each other’s selfs.

celebrating, locating our tangent intersections,

plotting points on the X Y axes of us.

labelling our quadrants,
past, now, planned but yet-to-be,
the unknown unknowns,
all upon blue lined graph skins.

a formula of a celebrated curvature, two unknowns, solvable, we are quadratic.

the precise precious precarious solution,
a single square root,
that intuits the wee of our

our solution is annotated for all
mathematicians as the

square root of us.


somewhere in the internals
chicken Sep 2019
Some hatred
Some anger
Put it all into the fire
Put it all into the fire
Cook up a tasty storm
Tomorrow being another day
Another chance to create
Beautiful form.
How to deal with feelings? Have them. They are supposed to be there and if someone does not like them? Tough!

— The End —