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Eno Sep 2018
I will
That in a theme park of life
I am the Big Dipper
The motivation to rise
Comes from the dive
And the drowning
Gains its momentum
From flying so high
Terry Collett Oct 2016
Helen wanted to go
to the fairground,
but her mother
only had a 1/-
so I gave her
some of the money
my parents gave me,
and we went
on to the fairground
which was on
the Meadow Row
bomb site.

It was busy
and noisy
with bright lights.
and she said:
what shall
we go on?

How about
the bumper cars?
I said

Will we be
all right
if with those
big boys get on?
They might
crash into us,
she said.

Then we'll crash
into them,
I said.

So she said ok
and we got in
one of the cars,
and I paid the youth
who came
and took the money.

Then we were off,
and I was driving
keeping an eye out
for anyone
coming our way,
and trying to avoid
crashing into anyone
if I could help it,
but it was nigh
impossible not to crash.

Two boys aimed for us
bumped into us
on purpose.

Helen looked shocked,
but I turned the wheel
and went after them  
and followed them,
and just when
they thought they
were safe,
I bumped into them
from the rear
and sent them forward
with the bump.

Helen looked
what if they come
after us again?
She said.

So what,
I said,
I am ready for them.

Then another car
bumped into us
by some man
and his daughter
and he gave me
a goofy smile,
so I smiled back.

Then we went
off again
trying to avoid
getting bashed,
but a car
from our left
came across
and the two boys
caught us from the side
and shook us up
then they were gone.

I was going
to go get them,
but the cars began
to slow down
and the ride
was over.

Helen sat there
gathering her thoughts,
and I watched
the two boys
get out and walk off.

You ok?
I said to Helen.

she said,
that was good.

I was pleased,
but if the car
had gone on longer,
I'd have got
those two boys
if I could.
Amy Feb 2015
Settle into darkness, naturally, and take your cue from unoiled gears jolting forward only to lure you into false stability and lose velocity, stop suddenly, merge the definitions of stopping and falling by balancing the cart on the back of the tongue as sherbet dip dab’s your gums in 3…2…swallow down it drops FLASH past the oesophagus there’s your photo op show us some teeth show us some skin darlin’ begin to dissolve in stomach acid bile’s vile hold it down we will use force if necessary like handcuffs to a headboard excuse me sir may I see your ticket? Right you can’t sit here, you’re 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphphetamine, that’s upstairs you need to swing a left then straight up to the top floor not a bad view, you can’t miss it it’s got a hundred golden bulbs flashing hypothalamus, no we’re not really bothered about our environment take the lift elevate heart rate
                                           C-C-C-CRANK IT UP
to the cerebral cortex’s House of Mirrors home of distortion. What can we do for you sir? We like to pride ourselves in our ability to mess around with the wiring and stimulate receptors, all part of the Deluxe Mega Deal complete with moving walls, disco ball skin and a talking butterfly the size of a car crash for a limited time only whilst serotonin stocks last they fall as fast as the lubricated log flume SPLASH. Please remain seated until the end of the ride. Thrown out into the gift shop. £30 for a 12 hour come down. Come again soon.

— The End —