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Michael H Aug 2019
Lost, panicked ******* morons getting under my feet.
Twenty ******* dollars for a sausage roll to eat.
Duty-free's a ******* joke, it's cheaper on the street.
And I would rather sit on a bed of nails,
Than this ******* airport seat.

******* airports.
Dark Matter

White Matter

the untamed fire eating at the vacuum

and i'm waving at you through glass windows

being checked for explosives.

Mother and Father

you split when I was two

am i what you left and what you were, what you are?

does the corpus collosum

contain the answer to your waving?

left to right

the linear motion of your hand

wraps around into a circle,

blends into unfamiliaritiy

like a simple word you look at for too long

and i am unsure whether to wave back

or to stand infinitely
and it torments us.

struggling because we are divided.

and the intangible illuminates the tangible.

— The End —