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Ana S Feb 2016
A man who never would?
Or a man who never could?
The world has become a sad place.
A place where man hands man poison and begs him to taste.
Then the man stares.
As man dies man doesn't care.
All he does is stare.
He doesn't help.
He watches man scream and yelp.
Sorry my dear.
Nobody is here.
So as you can see,
Man ought to make a world of beauty.
A man who never would.
A man who never could.
A man who all along really should.
Based on dr. Who quote
Make this a place of a man who never would.
three men -

the dark, brooding cloak of darkness
to swoop down,
savior of the lost.

the clever one
victorious and wild,
flying through time and space.

the Oncoming Storm,
green, flashing eyes to hide
like sheathed talons.

three men who are one,
one man who is three -
they scream as they are separated,
scattered across the stars

— The End —