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Sindi Kay Dec 2015
The ones who should be forgotten are those who let you shift away from their memories like tectonic  plates in the earth

are those whom never placed you in their hearts, not even a single place even though the chambers are boundless and love is known to drop fast.

Face it, you weren't rooted in their cores
and when you floated into space, their gravitational pull wasn't strong enough...
because they didn't even try to pull you back.

It didn't matter how funny you were. How original your thoughts could have been.

They didn't know you were so out of your element because they didn't know your element.  

They lost sight of your ghost thinking it was all of you.

You're lost forever now and like a body lost at sea, they will never cross the bay.

They wouldn't even think about making a time machine
your existence was bound to be forgotten anyway

The only thing natural about your friendship was the disaster

You were the scarce soil that was only good that one time, the empty battlefield where blood shed was covered by the wrong victories.


— The End —