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elliot Feb 23
how many times
do I have to apologise
to the person staring back at me
in the mirror,
for seeing her
exactly how other people do?
Star BG Jan 2018
Since parallel worlds
exist in universe
soul self experiences
more than one lifetime simultaneously,

if I had a double
what would they be like?

Would they dress in my style
or as clone
be barely recognizable?

Would They sing in shower,
and write poetry with passion?
Or enjoy swimming with dolphins?

Would they at a moments notice
dance in supermarket aisles?
Or dress as a clown to entertain
young and old?

If time lines collapsed
causing both worlds to merged
and we looked in mirror,

would fear overtake
or would we celebrate.

I think
we would rock in oneness
accepting any traits developed
for the good of soul.

And celebrate
the divine magic of the Universe
with glass held high
(or not cause I don’t drink liquor
only energies of love
bottled in heart where
hug replaces glass.)
I watched a You Tube about  doubles that merge
from parallel universes.

— The End —