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Memorial Remains
What particles of visual and the glory days
Left on this floppy disc inserted of the lost days
Here it loads
and such does the feelings in weird and wild ways.
Take it for what it is
a glory kept for the falling soldier and his remaining family
who has memory stored like a computer
however, the Human feeling part remains.
So define it as you wish.
These scraps of data, excuse me, "Memories.."
they still are celebrated and retold the best in the ways in which we can in "Life's Drama Part."
Now, as the audience remembers, this is the start.
Of what is left. Years later
As the brain strains
to recall the memories flashed from many years of missing and surviving after that one had fallen
So, to the next chapter to write of survival
Only the power of self-preservation is what constraints
from one to jump aboard
the Grim Reeper's Train.
Memorial Day Poem. We miss you, Leo Kappler of The Naval Peacekeepers and Helping both sides in the Korean Conflict.

— The End —