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Dark Jewel Jul 2014
My family is dead,
I am the first Dunmer to return.

My Crimson eyes tell stories,
Of my emotions,
My dreams.

I am Iria,
Daughter to the House of Telvani.

My home is now Ash,
And deserted.
The Red mountains destruction,
Left only coals to burn.

As I journey,
To the Frozen lands.
I wonder what's in store,
When I arrive in Skyrim...
Dark Jewel Jul 2014
Through the land,
I know every sound.
That caresses my pointed ears.
Vibrating to the very core of my brain
Seeping through it's cracks...

I walk this land,
Astride my horse.
Wandering as a nomad,
^No place to call home..

I was born in Raven Rock,
A Dunmer or dark elf..
as some would say.

I am known as a Gray-skin,
To Skyrim..

So I keep astride,
Finding any camp to sleep.
Though I have to **** for rest.

I am destined to return,
To ash Island of Solsteim.
To defeat Miraak..
And Yes,
I am Dragonborn.
Will be creating Iria for her journey across Skyrims landscape!

— The End —