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Sean Murray Jun 2018
//    There are two types of people.
//    Those who see the world the way I see it.
//    And those who like white supremacy.

I forgive you.
You acted so quickly.
   ... god

i hope you don't go through life like this
the thought breaks my heart

---   sincerely   ---
That is not a sarcastic title. Just wanted to make that clear.
AvengingPoet Aug 2017
No I am not
But I hope I can craft a world of pure positivity around purposeful corners
of each turning page of my perhaps pointless life.

It seems as though computerized cynics control the contentious world
contemplating ways to make us all feel the same
situations in which we attack each other and blame

Instead of all of this I am fixing the car once again
again asking what am I doing
don’t know if I’m doing anything at all
and that’s okay now

My blood is still flowing and my breathing still intact
Instincts and intuition still alive and my emotional intelligence is blooming
but I’m on the up&up
on my constant wave of peace and love

Not trying to hurt anyone
Just trying to get by
but I’m not much of anything
and that’s okay
and that’s okay.

At the very least I know I’m on the up&up
flying high
always flying high

blood still flowing
close my mind for awhile
and realize I’m still here
And that’s what matters

Give me enough alcohol and I'll become either
      a Poet or a Cynic.
           Maybe even both at times, although that never
                  ends up right.
                        A worded bitter will make you loathe the world
                                without your consent.

— The End —