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ConnectHook Jan 25
Black Israelite haters, excused,
led to schoolboys reviled and accused
of white racism, hate.
The reaction was great--
but the whiteboys were merely amused.

Progressives were driven berserk
by a teenager's innocent smirk.
The old shaman tried shaming:
and drumming and blaming,
but none of those strategies work!

Mr. Phillips, the activist drummer
gave Regressives their Indian Summer--
till a teenager's smirk
drove the demons berserk
and made dumbed-down regressives much dumber.

If a smile is a cultural crime
then the criminals need to do time.
Every whiteboy must go
in this cracka-*** show
and I'm guilty for reason of rhyme.
more on the way...

don't forget to wail and chant when people smile at you!
ConnectHook Jan 23
Beware the white smirk.
Worse than **** atom bomb,
that deadly white smirk . . .

When the White Man smirks
Hordes run, screaming, into ****
(When the white man smirks)
I have spoken. I have spoken.
Heap big medicine.

— The End —