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Samir Koosah Aug 2020
Treat my like garbage, please don't treat me like trash
Sure, I am used to be treated like trash
I've been tossed around, discarded, stepped on
And like a good old piece of trash, I endure

But it is inhumane of a treatment
Save it to your tampons, your baby wipes, your cigarette butts
I deserve more, expect more from you

Treat me like Garbage
Give me to the pigs, burry me under the roses in your garden
I deserve some dignity despite what you think of me
I am garbage
I swear I am
Just a play with the meanings
Samir Koosah Aug 2020
Trust is a tricky trade
From the tender age they try and teach us
To trust on those with ties of the family tree
Then teachers, friends, treasured ones, they all pay the toll
On the same treasure, trust that is.

Though trust, told you this one, a tricky trade is
Time after time they try and take a tip from thee
Till in them trust thou loose till grave.
A tricky trade that one
Samir Koosah Aug 2020
Time comes for us all, for all in fact
With no remorse, with no warning
The master of the whole

Which causes the strongest to bow, the hardest to break
While the itself keeps it's pace, at no expense, regardless

Wait and you will see they say
But time can be so cruel that when comes the moment it took you your sight also.

Yes, time is dependable, but don't count in it, for it can be slow when you most need it,
And most swift when you less expect it.

When you have it, is by mere irony.
When you lack it is by pure mockery.

That's time. Most people don't even see it going by.
Time gives, time takes away…
The ironic role that time plays in our life, in one's feelings.
Samir Koosah Aug 2020
Some days the world just seems to be turning the other way around
Some days things just needed to turn the other way around also.
Turn around and away. People, feelings, time, if only they left me alone
For today I mean, just for today.
Cause tomorrow is another day, and tomorrow isn't written still,
We don't suffer for tomorrow, we stand still. We stand in awe, awaiting for grace and counting on beauty.
I should've known better...

— The End —