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Butch Decatoria Dec 2018
A Buster is busted.

Figuratively disfigured

Mayhap way he speak?

Not just slow

Cuz he got flow

Figured out the Hustle

Keeps on and on and on and...

"**** Life, brothas Broke!"

Sweet Swisher Blunts

Swish and stunted swoosh

Jumping hoops

(For who?)

Busters are Busted.

Vigorously. Voraciously.    

(Or rock-steady Kool)

And the gangs’

Got gats for milk

Tommy-guns Polishing

(Head like a hole...)

Our whips.

Our babies.

Our Peeps

The War / The Streets

The Word itself, asleep...

Sweet Tea at the ready!

They're thirsty in

Revised and repost.
I be jammin down da beach
When I heard da pastor preach
"Baatiboys stay far from we!" he yell
"Baatiboys will burn in hell!"
He take a drag from the spliff
He jam out a reggae riff
"Excuse I" I say
"You should be on your way"

The spliff be shaped like a ****
He light it with tha bic
Baatiboy wink at me
His last wink that'll be

I rise up like Jah
I smack him in da jaw
Da spliff be fallin'
Da baatiboy be bawling'

He runnin' away cryin'
But this baatiboy gonna be dyin'

Pull out tha chopper
Pastor be cheering
At the baatiboys I'm sneering

Stay off me beach
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Alex Vice Apr 2014
Show me a ghetto and I'll show you a place
A place of struggle and pain
A place about people complain
A desert of hope and grace
The home of the weak
Clawing to make something
Struggling to become someone
Doing whatever they can
Carrying drugs and or a gun
The boys in the hood are always hard
One wrong step and they'll pull your card
Knowing nothing in life but to be legit
If you **** that up,  you dont mean ****

— The End —