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Shall I be a chameleon?

In a way that
Makes observers sick,
Shall I uncunningly
Side the slick?

Shall I optimize my chance
Echoing both
The good or wrong stance
Of who by unfair means
Seized the rein of power
And hence benefits
Will not be loath
On me to shower?

A chameleon,
Reflecting my surrounding
Shall I be
Self serving
As it has become
Nowadays a common thing?

Shall I be an ermine ?

Keeping my professional
And self integrity
And cleanliness
True to my conscious
To the extent of
Facing an unfolding adverse
Shall I distance
My self
From being
A false witness
On my colleagues
And neighbours?
Waiting for the ripe moment  to meet their end there are people who  don't bat an eye to stab you in the back even if you did them good.
An ermine falls a prey for the sake of its cleanliness, while a chameleon changes its colour according to its surrounding.Read about ermine.

— The End —