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J L James Oct 2018
This fragile body hosts an infinite soul
whose human form may not be whole.
What may appear a tragic rift
is in fact a precious gift
to those whose spirits are attuned.
Extending our own body and soul
to others is what we truly know.
Often outside walls close in
with loneliness and credit cards spread thin,
as advocacy with officialdom weighs in.
But nothing will change what you do,
for this is what carers know.
Each body hosts an infinite soul.
Sometimes the outcome
is not what we  had hoped for
Don't put your hope in something
That isn't rock solid
It could have negative results.
Ha ha this disappointment  turned into a suprise
Terry Collett Jun 2017
Gillian came into
the laundry room
of the old folks home.

She leaned
against the door
and looked at you.

Why are they
talking about us
having an affair?
she said.

Are they?
you said.

Yes I heard
a rumour
and one
of the old dears
said she'd heard
from one of the carers
Gillian said
with an angry tone.

You emptied
the tumble-dry
of some of
the old men's clothes
and folded them up neat.

Why would
they say that?
she said.

No idea
you said.

She gazed at you.

You looked at her
tall slim frame
and dark long hair
tied in a ponytail.

If my husband
found out
it could
mean trouble
she said.

Well it is nothing
to do with me
you said.

But it is
Gillian said
moving towards you
it is you and me
they are talking about
us having an affair.

It's a lie
you said.

I know that
you know that
but my husband
will think there is
and he will be moody
thinking it true
and he'll say
there is no smoke
without fire.

She fiddled
with her
thin fingers.

What are we
going to do?

You looked at her
what can we do?
you said.

Well you tell them
there is nothing
going on
she said.

You sighed
will they
believe me?
you said.

They have to
she said.

The door opened
and Winnie came in
she smiled.
she said.

A bit
you said
George wants a bath
and I have to bath
Sidney too.

I can help
with Sidney
if you want
Winnie said.

They'd be good
you said.

Winnie looked at Gillian
who was emptying
the washing machine.

You all right Gillian?
Winnie said.

Yes I suppose so
Gillian said
and went red.

She took
the basket of washing
out the back door
to the washing line.

What's up with her?
Winnie said.

No idea
must be
a woman thing
you said
what Gillian
would be like
in bed.
You cannot help someone
if they won't help themselves.
If you have hinted
Confronted them about the problem
And they get  all defensive .
I get frustrated  
When they look away.
And when they are in denial
When I try to point out to them
It's for their own well being.
They seems to be a lack of conmucation.
What can you do when
People neglect their personal care.
Just stand by and watch
Them detoirate
And not do a single Thing about it.
Mental health care in the community is poor ..people are sadly neglected..
Feeling  so tired
That I am struggling to survive.
Weighed down  with loads
Don't want to become someones  burden
I struggle from day to day*
perhaps that is my coping *mechanism

I don't need your *sympathy
I just need to be me
I cannot make sense of this living

Cause I am merely existing and not living
Whondering what the next day will hold
I have *barely enough energy to face another day.
If I could run away I would
To the other side of the globe
This is no dream
It's reality.
Sometimes the clouds are grey.
But mostly my moods are dark
Its like living hell on earth..

— The End —