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B Young Jan 2016
Alas! The fleeting years glide on.
Eheu fugaces labuntar anni

So it goes, an old poet
rose, to tell the story of
the beast and the decaying glass rose,
petals falling softly cracking into broken

When you look at someone through rose tinted glasses, all the the red flags just look like flags.

raise a generation on Eminem and Cobain
scratch your head wondering where all us grown boys
went a little insane

from Timberlake to Bieber
Brittany to Miley
what's really changed?
but our age?

a president named Bush went to war on terror
in the the middle-east,
ten years later his son does the same thing.

again I ask,
what's even changed
our age?

The ****** scandals begun by our ******* president
continue today under an eponymous tabloid cover
called Kardashian.
exploitation the name of the game,
everything is done for us,
especially our thinking.
less scarily,
our cooking.

there has never not been an "us vs. them"
mentality in human history.
we are cultured cannibals, tribesmen who have outgrown
our britches.
****** and racial liberation continues against
****** and racial tension
*** is cheap
drugs are cheaper
morals are depleted
agnosticism the happy sedated norm
nobody expects a revival but the saved themselves, the born
well do I even wish to be born again into a life as this?

If I have learned anything thus far from life's teachings:
One is nothing and everything
Nowhere and everywhere
   spirits abound where you least expect them  
There is no zero and no infinity

Watch a fire burn and you will know this truth

Alas! The fleeting years glide on.
*Eheu fugaces labuntar anni
B Young Dec 2015
will mean
facing the problem
of pushing the button
that destroys the human race.
B Young Aug 2015
watermelon rinds
osprey eyes
float down from a pink and blue sky

kiwi peels
albatross heels
surface around a pink and blue wheel

walk, run, turn, keel
the colors bleed and it's hard to see what's real

olive pits
garbage spit
chugging liquor in an attempt to feel

white washed
blank walls
seeing pink
seeing blue
coating the barriers down iris halls

watermelon rinds
osprey eyes
floating down from a pink and blue sky

*I look up and feel alive hoping these colors never run bleed or

— The End —