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Le Beau Jun 2020
There’s nothing to hide 🌑 no way to 💯 🌎 relate 🌎disagree 🌎disengage we’re 🏃‍♀️ into each other 🌎 are the 🎼 that writes itself the melody replays in the 🔑 of elevated living 🌎forget the 📝 but never forget the feeling glory & divinity conduct our symphony 🌎 are ♾ infinity wrapped in sacred 🔮 🌎are meant for 🌍 are flowing 🌏 are growing 🌏 are open like the Red 🌊 👨‍👩‍👧 walkthrough with 🤩 & 🥳 🌏 kneel here 🌏 🤕 here 🌏 🚪our ♥️s to the heavens 🌏 use our 😢 to 🧼 the 🖼  the 😱 floods us the  💕 is ⚡️ 💋💄💎❤️ 🌏  💃  🕺🏼 in the 🌧 until the 😱is drained because ❤️💋💎💄is the 💡❤️💋💄💎is insight the body 🤕but the 🙏grows the flesh is starving while wisdom overflows.
I got uh question only ABBA knøw the answer too?
Marina Nov 2019
At this time
I'm not going to understand
The meaning of this,
But the kind of love they say is wrong,
Is the love I like.
Knowing the love you give
Makes the females trip;
My bad for falling,

My body trembles too pruly for others to love
who had no intention in
Keeping me forever.
Le Beau Oct 2019
Picked her up threw her down & choked her out then called her a *****.
All or nothing.
Loving too *******.
Handling something that's deeper than life.
Want to play nice, but I'm a beast.
Locked up felt deceased.
Letting ****** punch on me just to rock the vendetta mask.
Told me she in the jungle well **** it ***** I'm Tarzan.
Charisma off Songland need her Prince charming.
Burning up my love a fever wanderlust playing flamenco.
Serving me romantic treats, strawberries with drizzled chocolate on top of whipped cream.
Been in the trenches I don't think that's why I'm listening to my angels speak & also she from Salem that's Hebrew for peace.
Without u baby I wandered lonely as a cloud now follow me to the moon.
//All Or Nothing//
      Don't tell me you love me,
        Even if you feel it to be,
      Wait until the seeds you've
         sown are already grown,
             I want you to say it,
     Only when it can be fully shown,
I don't need piece's of my heart strown
          I need a love 100% here,
     Not a little here and a little there,
     Don't worry because I'm grown,
     I learned not live on love alone,
             My love for you is true,
        But I'd rather do without it,
           Instead of destroying me.
Enough said.
Nastia Armilde Aug 2014
If you love me
   for what you see,
   only your eyes would be
   in love with me.

If you love me
   for what you've heard,
   then you would love me
   for my words.

If you love
   my heart and mind,
   then you will love me,
   for all that I'm.

But if you don't love
   my every flaw,
   then you mustn't love me-
   not at all.

-Lang Leav
Jamie Jun 2013
One more I wanted
It is what I have

'All or Nothing'

Everything is on
This final time

— The End —