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Avantika Singhal Jan 2017
I took the first sip of white wine in
trepidation for the aftermath of drunk
people in movies is not very pleasant.
I downed it all, faster than an intruder
who wiretaps an important building
somewhere in America. I had vowed to
not drown in the poison I had just consumed.
But what happened later proved me wrong.
I swam in clouds and I floated in shallow
waters for the slurs that lay on my tongue
were not something I would utter in a
sober state. I cavorted. I danced. I showed
skin. I was the frog that clandestinely dances
in the rain and hides away before the ground
is dry again. I swirled like a whirlpool. My cheeks
were red and I emitted happiness. I made silly
jokes about a plant named Wisteria and lay
in bed, twirling away in my drunken madness.
This poem is very close to my heart. Mainly because it describes my first ever interaction with alcohol. It was an interesting night on july 13th, 2016. I have wanted to get this poem published for a while now but to no avail. Thus, i am posting it here. Please leave your honest criticism and feedback in the comments below!

— The End —