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Lorrin Jan 28
Armadillo - dead on the road
I wonder why he was crossing.
Armadillo - broken and cold
His body the pavement embossing.
His banded shell will move no more
Forever staying curled
He’ll never reach his grassey shore
Or see his path unfurled.
Ode to that dead armadillo I saw that one time
sunprincess Oct 2018
I brake for turtles and squirrels
Pretty much anything that creeps or crawls
Unless it's pitch black in the country,
And the moon is on holiday
Then it's clobbered likd the armadillo,
And so is my conscience
Actually had to brake for a squirrel today
He stopped in the road and sat there
with an acorn in his mouth
Had to blow the horn three times before he moved
sunprincess May 2018
Sometimes when you're driving all alone,
And wondering where did this question originate
"Why did the chicken cross the road?"
Life feels so beautiful, life feels like a dream
Until an armadillo makes you scream
When a Texas armadillo ruined my night

— The End —