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1.1k · May 2016
Shooting stars are deaf...
They just disappear,
Never stay to hear.
We stand beneath,
Wishes to be cleared.
Eyes closed,
Speaking heart.
They are royal scars
that our sky bears
and nothing else.
I figured out last night
that those stars don't hear.
They were deaf
but fortunately the god did
and I'm jolly over the sky....
It was when the sun had set
But before the moon was lit
She walked along the shore
A white bright **** gown she wore
Her hair covered her face
With hands swinging in the air
I watched her feet so delicate
But she walked on toes so beautiful
Gems kept hiding until the moon appeared
They raised above the waters
And lightened the shores
The girl picked some and made a crown
The sky came down
And she disappeared into the clouds...
863 · May 2016
Only I do.
Only I do drift, touch, dissolve
in the lap of my moments;
I carry love to be eternal
in the abyss of lonely nights in the end.
825 · Oct 2016
These eyes are open to see,
I see how to enjoy your interest,
you tread upon me,
Let heaven be my home at rest,
While your's be same as me I pray,
I believe we die one day
And the other day we wake.
I wish I had the courage to say,
In this world at least;
Life is a Paperthrone.
The more you try to sit and rule on firm,
The more it hurts at fall in the end.
797 · May 2016
I sing for thee.
Let the blood bloom, unfurl and flow
from my heart into a rosebud
as it blossoms, rose and I
shall merge as one.*

*To the humming of distant birds,
I sing for the sky, for seas,
dancing with the clouds,
I sing for the star, for thee.
774 · May 2016
The sun I think is beautiful,
Rays come home.
The ocean I think is stretched,
Waves reach the shore.
The sky I think is endless,
Raindrops pour down.

Your arms are that home,
That shore,
That land which can soak me.
Forever, for eternity,
I will return to you,
Once should you call...
723 · Jun 2016
Rain is so beautiful.
Strange enough but once I felt
it poured down from the sky
poured down on me, sliding
through my hair, it dripped
in the joyous company of naught.

It took away my heart
that had dried its every beat,
in a silent shiver due to cold,
my peace dewed me again.

      I realized it's important to fall like rain
to seep into an ocean again.
I was molested...
she finally wrote these words
in an old weary diary, tired. a tender age of seven,
I was,
Tears rolled down and she scribbled again,
this old woman suffered, approaching her death.
I work as a nurse in this quite hospital
and two months ago, I was given the job to take care
of her, The silent and reserved old lady never spoke to me.
but when two men I guess older than her
paid a visit, she somehow seemed happy rather satisfied.
after they had left, she began writing and I became
she wrote further...
by a pair of two teenage brothers, twins.
I never knew what had happened to me was so
critical. I thought they just played with me.
I grew up and before soon I realised it was wrong and punishable.
I...I kept quite.
I pretended to live a normal life
with a wretched heart.
the sad ones they say
but no matter what
I just couldn't stop thinking about it.
very soon I was a teenager too.
I developed new ways to  turn my misery into laughter.
They... were people we had known for a long-time
and they'd visit home at least three times a year or so
and when they would I saw guilt in their eyes.
Before I could even understand I fell in love with one of them.
I didn't tell just like they won't ask for forgiveness
or I was not so confident to confess.

O ye tears hanging up to her eyelashes
find way down and wash
pain from her beautiful heart
with the same purity of aught.

as she closed the diary she said wiping her tears;
sometimes, I feel like the floor
a quite muse to adore
how important
but forgotten.
sometimes, I feel like the sky
the highest of prides
however distant
but remembered in your heart.
no offence meant.
677 · Sep 2016
Hundred fallen midnights
Graves beside graves like waves
after waves,
Who fear death
and who fear not,
They have killed
my hopes,hundreds
of them.
Now just are memories,
Those hundred fallen midnights
asking me to survive.
That who entice the bending tide
to ascend through the air, to slide
a flicker in the midst of dark,
oh! tender-hearted skylark
soar through golden paddy fields
spread the idylls I sing
I seldom yearn for happiness
that runs into thy blood be mine
hither, hither, my dear treasure
just watching you fly is my pleasure
so stay, as the time flutter by
your flight is the only memory I behold.
601 · Aug 2016
To myself I say...
the fluttering of jade green leaves,
the dancing butterflies in wind,
My evenings
spark under your softest wings,
Set on these summer tides,
I don't know where they take me to
but verily
my beginning is your shore alone.
586 · Oct 2016
Simple as that
Some people are open books,
yet nobody can read them.
THEY are written in the language of love,
meant only for a lover...
546 · May 2016
Fire lanterns
When they break our window glass
and the shards fall
in silence
turning into the sounds of broken

When you see the fire lanterns
and the great great flames
To all the curses thrown into
your lap

Don't just sit and watch
Your tears roll down
in the shards of
a scattered heart

Stand up now
Throw them back
The shadows fade away
in the air

You can never be crushed
Pull the sky
into your heart
and fight back...

Shams :)
544 · May 2016
Where I belong to the dark scarlet waters on sunsets
Here I am on land gazing upon tides calling me
in the depths, I feel who should be hidden
On the rough grey sea beds like pearls softened

As it gets darker this night makes me peaceful
Like the waves calming, relaxing on the shore
The moon is no fantasy I see its reflections
In water sometimes waning like it's deceiving

I am clay body feel like falling into the water
Lose my form, melt the emotions, and cry
I poured and delivered the self-tonight
in the sea of my tears, may I rise the sun tomorrow on the horizon.
539 · May 2016
I saw
the water rippled on the surface of a mirror
it appeared as if it was struggling
both were,
the water to stay,
...the mirror to let it stay...

*their only desire
to see each other
as much together,
as many reflections to capture.
536 · May 2016
"It dwells in a mortal's spirit
sleeping in the chasm of hopes.
Pure incandescent flame,
A quiescent elixir to *****.

The wherewithal to live,
when I'm about to cease.
Sometimes I search for it,
the other day, it rises with ease.

The boundless sky spreads her arms
over the stretch of a lovely land.
Where I stand and watch the white clouds
pass by, moves forth this tale to its former strand." said a deaf lover to his dumb muse.

"I'd love to wait and listen,
To sit by thy side and listen,
Thy melancholy, I'll listen,
If only thee could talk and I could listen." He continued.

I sat thereunto sunset listening to them while they watched the sun drowning...Inspired within...
Oh! pretty Teresa with golden soft hair;
whilst the hints of dried red rose disappeared in flair,
The bay side lavenders watched the beauty
of thy tears, falling into the dark blue sea,
they knew well as to why you weep.
the tears drop by drop slip from your soul,
timid, slip, flow, break, touch and drowned.
you sit by the warmest grave as night sits by
so weakly does the stars shine
Oh! little Teresa with golden soft hair;
whilst the hints of dried red rose disappeared in flair,
the soul of your mother stands here, remember I
the day you were born likewise the days you did grow
dear, feelings swing like seasons indeed
happy before sad or sad before happy.
534 · May 2016
To the grey lurking house flies hovering over filth
the twinkling of stars doesn't matter one bit...*
507 · May 2016
For the last time.
I shall melt with the tears
of your gloomy eyes,
yet before they dry
remember me this one last time...
486 · Nov 2016
If only there was a thread to keep moving in the dark...
476 · May 2016
By and By
there upon a time when they knew not life,
thenceforth their kind lived silly, full folly,
believed he who is ancient had to eat
to live, had to hunt, was tranquility.
eventually, time wandered this era;
from dust onto beyond the sky became
a joyous journey, for they dreamed wisely
of the days we could live life with dignity
422 · May 2016
Counting On You.
I see an amorphous void in the turbulent dreams that seek my crepuscular spirit. A desultory nightmare that always comes back to me. This ethereal architecture has consumed my felicity.
Today it happened again;
... My boughs were merging with the strands of its web. I saw and heard the painful screams that were put to sleep and then disappeared. Alas, I felt that I watched my own future. That contraction brought me closer to its core. It was frozen, A platform where my spirit would finally be slaughtered...cocooned in its web.
I rammed on something cold, rather excruciating. I screamed and screamed harder.
Suddenly, my pain evaporated and I became numb. I realized that my existence was being erased. It was an end truly...BUT you save me every day.
you wake me up every morning and claim to love me the most, embracing me in your warmth, dear MAMA.
402 · May 2016
All hail the beloved aura.
Withersoever must I care,
I'm not carried, I carry away,
said love to men
as it began brewing a deeper hue around.
From the shades of many written pasts
inscribed in the ragged scrolls,
some forgotten, some revered
we learn yet dare
to fall in love all over again.
393 · May 2016
I'm dressed, with flowers in my hair
Walking on a random grave
Dropping some petals of forgiveness
I'm scared that you lie in there
The words you said saved my heart
You're an enemy building my other half
We always fought
Never taught
But it's never too late
And never to regret
I send a sorry your way
Wishing to hear the words you'd say
And it's never too late
And never to regret.
387 · May 2016
Listen from The Poets
Try not, mustn't you relieve me, this pain
This journey is mine, my solemn tale
Where upon my soul, bears a scar
is a curse, my crying heart

As mind unravel, untangle, I
forget, I ***** into light myself, pass
Sufferings again, In between sometimes
as these sacred memories linger, I write...
To you it seems enough to cry to erase
pain, what to me is life- I praise
I praise, I revere, Advocate thy pain
For it has always made the joy - thou gain
Only more darling
Only more darling.
383 · May 2016
Papers and Words.
A blank paper is a blithe opportunity.
Thus to write is my choice.
What I feel regarding my fervent soul,
Would you like to know ?

In my dreams, I've been to places
never seen, with blank papers
so clean, lovely hills, trees, cattle and roses
Upon me, a canopy of the most beautiful pink skies.

Contended I wandered, lonely it seemed.
Understood the nature my elegiac being.
It walked, moved, swung with me
on a journey, I wished never did end.

All along I went groping in bliss,
All along I went roaming in bliss,
Again with the birth of dawn, this dream has an end,
with blank papers, I returned again.

I love this dream that lands me in peace
Love that nature which had cared for me
If I had to write someday, those blank papers
will hold the inscription: Life is a great poetry.
380 · May 2016
It is the most devastating experience
when all you did was a bizarre
happens to me as I lie down on my bed
sometimes with a glance at my mirror
366 · Jun 2016
The War in Her body.
Did she ever felt all consumed
to her last bits, endurance
following a path leading to a vacuum,
her flesh boils with pain, just enhanced.
she ties her hair up into a bun
climbs the creaky stairs
to read bedtime stories, a typical working woman
where her little girls await.
No matter what, she manages to
survive only for the ones
she foolishly believes are close, may pure
be her heart from any regrets.
dedicated to my mom, a working woman who goes through all but when we need her, she's right beside.
When did I ran short of words,
it seems like I never had the courage to say.
The words I might have easily said
when I was young and now they are lost,
the mist of my growth into a man of wealth
I've gained and lost a hundreds of things,
one of them being the ease of uttering a sorry...
349 · Jul 2016
Butterfly from hell.
Eve picked the forbidden fruit,
Adam ate it too.
Much to his displeasure, god
vented his anger.

Time fluttered like
like a butterfly from hell.

Satan seduces darkness;
Trying to pull my soul
like thread from
a needle's hole.

It takes a lifetime's virtues,
Forever pending dues,
May he be pleased with one or two
in the deserted worldly hue.

Me finds it hard to make escape
like a butterfly from hell,
Whose will is constantly burned,
What remains are ashes in hell.
339 · May 2016
Typical Sky.
Typical Sky.

When beneath the trees, calm shadows incarnate,
Damp land scents and cool vapors bloom,
He dances with the silent white lilies,
Humming mellow songs and tunes.

Nobody watches, nobody talks to him,
Only the dancing lilies sometimes,
The novels he read that
he mumbled to the tree.

I'm the sky watching him all day long,
His loneliness and pretty stories I listen
gets better and newer every day.
My feet can never touch that land I wish to stand on.

I've watched him cry,
send down rain to wash his tears.
So while he had a nightmare,
I let the sun rise.
He thinks my stars are his beloved,
I smiled but clasped them tight.
He peeks from the spaces between the leaves,
I knew not why.

The purple mist of my memories,
The crimson evenings in my heart,
The dark blue oceans of night
and pink blooming dawns have
all known the pleasure and pain
of serving mankind.
332 · May 2016
The more I gather, the lesser it seems
From the piles of vague memories
I collect, recollect, forget
It slowly ends with absolutely no regrets.
317 · Jun 2016
His happiness was like water drops
sprinkled on a leaf blade,
would later slide down with the sound of each drop
resembling rumbles man made.
316 · Feb 2017
Share it with the bed
As I stretched beneath the rough sheets
Awake from the glimpses of impossible dreams
And then losing the will to break free
From the handcuffs of my painful sleep
Tears from last night all dried
On cheeks that had known the price
of holding onto weak threads for so long
Muted lips dried on a soft song
My rusted windows frame a part of sky
With the flurry of white soft clouds too high
Too low here in my hall,my memories spread
On carpets and couch, creaky and long dead
As I rise from the folds on my bed
In yesterday's mourning dress,all messed
Glad on the night's departure, I unrest
All the sadness to my old bed's left.
291 · May 2016
'tis but a unique picture of our inner soul that completes us
ignorance tears it apart.
286 · Jun 2016
Carry her away like a white soft feather
over emerald green hills, pristine river thither,
where believes me in my dreams that I've seen
seeds of wonderful galaxies in her beneath.
269 · Oct 2016
No heart can never be so badly broken
that it can't ever feel pain again...
239 · Sep 2016
After you left...
On letting my mind bloom memories
The happiest ones popped up
before my eyes and swirled
I felt my smile again
and it faded away slowly
but the thing that relieves me
the most is that you still make me smile,
Even if you've become just a memory.
226 · Sep 2016
The fact of sound
I was silent and the world didn't care,
It's only when you say, they'd hear...

— The End —