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Stevenk Jan 2018
Darkness fallen, desperate soul, fight for freedom, let it go. Smothered soul begin to shine, fight the darkness before it binds. Rise up ole soul, win this war, worn heart of mine that has been torn. Death to life, plead your case, whomever remains, maintains embraced.
Stevenk Jan 2018
Skin crawling, perpetuated pain. Feet hit the floor, here we go again.

Roll out of bed and feet hit the floor, emotionally preparing for what is in store.

Internally speaking to the aches and pains, wishing good riddance to the physical stains.

Tormented, tortured and feeling left for dead, moving on from physical stains, onto the battle in my head.

The war is raging between good and bad, who will prevail this day, I’m going mad.

From eyes opened to feet hitting the floor, I roll back into bed deciding today is nevermore.
Stevenk Jan 2018
Confused and lost what should i do.  Do i stay or do i go, who knows,  not me obvously. Once so confident,  now questioning it all, how do i get back to standing so tall? Do you have the answer,  do you or you? Your holding out on me aren't you , i am no fool.  Why won't you help me? I stand here and beg, just give me the answer and stop being so vague. See these tears,  these tears are of pain, i don't know what to do anymore and im going insane.  Nobody can help me nobody to blame
Stevenk Jan 2018
Life shattered beyond recognition. Is thislife fact or could it be fiction. So unrealistic you question your existence worn out and struggling to find your persistence. Just give up or keep on tryin, i don't know anymore just feel like dying. Ups and downs once were balanced but seems anymore i just feel calloused. Darkness swallows all that once seemed bright,  lay down, give up or continue to fight? I don't know anymore, what else can  i do but take it as it comes, maybe ill look back one day and say "hmm that was fun"
Stevenk Jan 2018
My pain is overwhelming and it taunts me every day,
I try to push through it but it always decides to stay.

It keeps me alone and worried that this is how life will be
But only if I make it through and at this point it is hard to see.

It drags me down and beats me and spits on me while I’m down
But you wonder why I never smile and always choose to frown.

I’ve done the best I can do and yet it’s not enough
I’m shackled in this prison felling pretty rough.

I look to others for assistance as I extend my hand
But all they have are shallow words that are difficult to stand

No it’s not their fault as I’m sure they do their best
But how far would I go if I seen you failing on your  test.

There would be no limits or boundaries I wouldn’t cross
To ensure your freedom from your pain regardless of the cost.

So forgive me if it seems that I am no longer doing my best
But I’m in the middle of a battle that will result in either  life or death.

Why won’t anyone help me as I fall deeper down this hole?
Someone to reach out and catch me
Someone to help me save my soul.

I’m sorry for not being the man I used to be
But my pain is overwhelming it’s difficult for you to see.

Just because you don't see it doesnt mean its not there.
I cry out asking how this could be fair.

Can someone please help me unlock this door from hell
Or just continue to sit there and wish me a farewell
Stevenk Feb 2017
My torture Is real despite what they say
The pain is real just walk with me for a day.
This torture is mine it won't go away
I can't forget it and just walk away.
Despite my plea it is still here
It is this torture that I fear

— The End —