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8.5k · Jun 2012
Steven Fried Jun 2012
5.3k · Aug 2013
Peacocking over Tz'fat
Steven Fried Aug 2013
Like a peacock on a roof,
I’m a wonder with height
American-Jew on Mt. Harmon.

My tallis are bright feathers
My tefillin, my beak.
In Israel they are me.

Why do I feel different in the Land?
Like a peacock on a roof,
I’m curiously at home.
5.1k · Aug 2013
Steven Fried Aug 2013
Magnesium strip
brighter than a diamond

Sierra Leon blood Stings like an eye-pin,

JFK's sister,
but this is not democracy,

Vatican city,
oppression and atrocity

What a theocracy,

Brainwash religion,
for the jihad, and crusades,

Rawanda Armenian, genocides,

killing a minority,
might gives authority,

but the greatest tragedy,
is the world wide apathy.
4.3k · Jun 2013
Toilet Paper
Steven Fried Jun 2013
More white than the most beautiful
wedding dress. More delicate than the fairest
rose. More valuable than its weight in
gold. More necessary than
milk and bread. More precious than a brilliant
diamond. More useful than the
strongest man. More versatile than the
slyest fox.
Toilet paper: I love thee.
3.8k · Sep 2013
Swan Lake
Steven Fried Sep 2013
Swan Lake
Crystal clear lagoon
Slow glide and procreate
The serene placidity humm
Last Song
3.7k · Aug 2013
Steven Fried Aug 2013
I was pure white
complimenting your darkness

We were lit
and destroyed by our spark

A flash of joy
too hot, too bright

My substance melted forgot

Our time was lost
through disasters and heartbreaks

I shared myself with you,
Why hadn't you done the same?
3.3k · Jun 2013
Feminine Poetry
Steven Fried Jun 2013
Feminine poetry is the most alluring.
The curvature of a woman's wrist around a pen is beautiful.
Their faces are knit in concentration so intense, yet
velvety smooth. Women are graceful- they glide along the page like an
ice skater. Feminine poetry has an elegant air incomparable with their counterpart.
There is
darkness, but with darkness comes strength.
Demons abound on their pages, bred from the hardships stretching through the millennia.
Dark inspiration breeds radiating beauty.
3.0k · Sep 2013
Bowling and depravity
Steven Fried Sep 2013
Bowling *****.
Stepping in and smelling fresh diarrhea and cigarettes
Slide your fingers into the heels of over worn shoes
Then your feet- someone has been here before, hundreds of people have
sit in the solid plastic swivel
step up to the dead rack and pick up a germ infested, god-forsaken ball
bowl terribly and pull your glute
Ten frames.
2.7k · Jun 2013
Steven Fried Jun 2013
You are blue
Your companionship has long since gone away
Your words come slowly if ever
Your interjections have no meaning
Your passion is a doused flame
Your decisions are unfair
You are bronze
Your shine is lackluster
Your potential is untapped
Your enthusiasm is misdirected
You are rust
Your intellect is a-waste
Your trust is broken
Your mind is now clouded
You are brown
Your ear is unsharpened
You coughs are unnatural
Your friendship is valued even yet
You are orange
Your ethic is admirable
Your company is comical
Your life is my soaps
You are yellow
Your face is but fair
Your skin has blemishes
Your actions not so demure – but yet
You are red
Your actions are fuel for my fire
Your intentions are good but the crafted hands left wanting
You are Violet
Your pain was great
Your color is of love
Your solid perseverance is for me
You are White
Your brilliance outshines mine
Your patience burns as fast as light
Your opinion flares as bright as magnesium
Black is not found
Deep down I have looked
But came back wanting
Is that naïve?
2.4k · May 2015
Not heartless, heartbroken
Steven Fried May 2015
Not heartless, heartbroken
not manipulative, not terroristic

Not heartless, heartbroken
the fields of grass sway bright blue and green
under a red sky weeping
horseless, loveless, alone.

It’s not an unerring path
it’s a wounded warrior pierced by stalactites
huddled cold in the winter
a man searching, and hurting, and crying

Better to have loved
to have splintered
to have shattered
to have hurt
than to remain
the King
of Pluto.
2.3k · Jun 2013
Beautifully Tainted Cocktail
Steven Fried Jun 2013
Prosperity requires the fortitude to be cruelly decisive and cuttingly deceitful in every conceivable endeavor;
Cruel and unrestrained ambition will lead to life in the lap of luxury;
Duplicity and dishonesty lie with success and supremacy;
The mixture of forceful action with lurid lies results in a beautifully tainted cocktail.
Would you drink...?
Do you believe...?
2.1k · Jun 2013
Rolling in Michigan
Steven Fried Jun 2013
I rolled in Michigan
strapped to a kayak in the namesake lake
vision obscured by freshwater

I plunged under the blue surface
out of my element
panicking as a fish out of water- in water

I reached for the release and
but grasped swelling panic

Dread thoughts of
the end...
my family…
last words…

Still submerged- somehow a semblance of sensibility surfaced,
unlike myself
frightening fantasies flitted-
shot like skeets in the sky and
peace prevailed.

I stretched through the moist blindness,
found the release- my sweet release.

Gasp air.
Freedom from death's clutches

I see
my unpreparedness for death,
ability to survive

Fifteen seconds to find my inner calm, my inner panicked strength, the depth of my composure
fifteen seconds for reevaluation

Fifteen seconds
submarine style
to find who I really was and am

Arguments are made
that safety and tranquility are the best mindsets for

safety lacks motivation,
tranquility lacks demand,
Life's trials breed introspection.
2.0k · Sep 2013
Craftsman and his Fountain
Steven Fried Sep 2013
Before the birds and the bees the sun and the moon
without stars in the sky nor the land nor the dune

Not a sea not a plant not a tree not an ant
there was not a wildebeest nor an elephant

Just one small room
was the Craftsman's dark tomb

He toiled unstoppably without night nor day
in the blackened room he was bound to stay

for eternity the Craftsman seemed doomed
to continuum to be stuck in the loom

Blindly toiling in the binding shadow
with black tools viciously hallow

hammers and nails mud clay ashen bricks
marble chisel mortar pestle tricks

Monotony sparked the craftsman's lost temper
the wall became canvas for angry distemper

His artistic equipment brushed the prison walls
hour upon hour O' mighty hammer falls

He hammered until it whittled away
his fists were red raw like the break of day

The Craftsman was caked in saddened rough sweat
dejection on brow heavy did get

The Craftsman let his head fall low
out of the wall did a light show

A peephole smaller than a rat's tail
was broken wide in the prison cell

Wondrously untamed the light spilled
rolling and soaking all was filled

With light's glory the Craftsman could not see
another blindness that harsh bright brought be

His tools and materials all were a beautiful gleam
the Craftsman pleasantly content with the scene

Slowly but surely the room was filled
and then his neck almost needed t'be gilled

Lacking a need and bound to drown
he singularly thought his problem profound

The Craftsman deftly picked up his tools
and set to building collective pools

To contain flowing light
he took all his might

and built wholly right
a fountain delight

Artistic wonders into his structure
of beast and nature all perfect sculpture

Of timber and clay of marble and grass
he worked until the fountain's completion at last

In the Craftsman's abode was the most beautiful fountain
which all of the light was collectively bound in

Little black Leeches began squeezing through
at first it was only one Leech or two

The Craftsman was able to squish them all out
but even he grew tired bout after bout

They began to stick to his precious creation
Leeches worthy of the vilest waste-bin

The evil pulled petals off of wooden flowers
and the nose off of many clay tigers sin powers

Duly distraught for days he sat
tormented watching his statue crumble flat

Under the weight he watched stone clueless
wondering who endeavored to do this

Disregarding he set to his one task
deep within his mind he firmly did ask

He built a statuette and endowed it with life
by breathily bestowing will to battle strong strife

Using only dirt that had flowed into home
he crafted brains limbs and torso and left them alone

The Craftsman thought and pulled out a rib
and crafted the partner the woman most glib

The Craftsman sat back and watched ambition grow
the seeds thrived and they the **

They fought and they loved they created and destroyed
they lived and they died but survived all the void

The combat with Leeches
embattled stony beaches

Watching the battle
he saw no major rattle

When the Craftsman realized he was needed no longer
he built a chair for himself and sat down to ponder

Years and years more was the Craftsman
stoically sitting watching his creations gain traction

They leaped and progressed
with clothes or undressed

Intervening no more
they handled their score

His beard grew longer and longer and his eyes drooped lower and lower
until finally the Craftsman's heart beat slower and slower

comatose he waited ever in slumber
for his creations to need him to save any blunder

Ever hoping it never was necessary
life flowed around purposefully predatory

He watched their lineage improve naturally and viciously
and off they went history to history
the future was as it will be just a mystery
2.0k · Sep 2013
Steven Fried Sep 2013
Addiction's innocent cousin ***** needling into my veins
infected me seasons ago
the ache I once felt still strong as mast's girth

From wind to wind sea to sea we internally roamed
in my mind the map was a treasure trove for exploration
i never was bound to lake shore
wind whipping tide tussling rousing mornings and dusky

My mistresses my pleasure gliding goddess
drift lazily and let me sing praise with shouts "Boom"
but coy or not I coil spry
aged not with time
but lessons learned

The youngest have yet to grow
knowledge of the mystery fables tell
of beautiful passings

Land's unreachable without proper direction
rudderless a hair's breadth magnified out of reach
cool autumn leaves fall on my skiff

She tugs at my heart and at your golden hemp locks
they have all my love stolen from your deck your bow
your stern your timber your core
but let us sail evermore
2.0k · Jun 2013
Emotional Rollercoaster
Steven Fried Jun 2013
I arose
             I was rich
I was robbed
                        I won the lottery
I went to bed.

I arose
             I was married
I had a passionate affair
                                           I had a divorce
I lost the house
                            I kept the kids
I went to bed.

I arose
              I got into college
I went to a party
                              I drank
I lost my virginity
                                 I was photographed
I had my acceptance reneged
                                                     I won't have any student loans
I went to bed.
2.0k · Jun 2013
Steven Fried Jun 2013
burgeons back bad blood.
Compatriots, courtesy can cool contentions:
doubly, disrespect demands decisive
execution. Early efforts evolved
fatuously, force facilitated farcical fighting.
Gambling gents gleefully gored
hedonistic harlots. Harassing
ignorantly, igniting
listlessly- liars lament
momentarily. Meanwhile, monetary
of opulence obscure
prime problems.
Quarries quake
running red. Remembering
solitarily- stoic steeds stand silent, sending
unbidden, unbeknownst.
we were
yellow years yaw…
An alliteration of a the reasons for a battle, and the results of said battle.
1.9k · Aug 2013
Brevity and the like
Steven Fried Aug 2013
Brevity is suited for the ******.
Elocution can be twisted into a knot,
and used for courtly euthanasia.

Brevity is best used for condemnation.
Concordantly, circumlocution is perfect for the panegyrics,
of that same party.

So if your the ****** or damning keep it brief;
no one wants to hear a fool trip over his words,
or a liar sing praise of his foe.
1.8k · Jun 2013
Steven Fried Jun 2013
The propensity to further our own ambitions is the basic drive behind all human interactions
Lives are ruined, friends are lost, yet dreams are fulfilled for a blessed few.
The desire to bathe in the most money, drive the most grandiose cars, and to throw the most lavish Gatsby-esque parties, predisposes us towards putting our own emergency-oxygen mask on before helping others.
In an increasingly self-centered world, a paltry few are able to enjoy their piece of he American Pie.
1.7k · Jun 2013
Ode to Deodorant
Steven Fried Jun 2013
You roll on
You gel on
No matter what the reason
You have a beautiful aroma

You gel on
You slicken propagation
You have a beautiful aroma
You make the senses burgeon with new life

You slicken propagation
Across the nation spreads, the cooling sensation
You make the senses burgeon with new life
You stop sweaty pits rife with strife

Across the nation spreads the cooling sensation
Cool underarms allow for a vigorous standing ovation
You stop sweaty pits rife with strife
You deserve an award for saving many-a social life

Cool underarms allow for vigorous standing ovation
So applause to you Deodorant
You deserve an award for saving many-a social life
You bring us together- no matter the weather- in a tank or in a sweater

So applause to you Deodorant
You bring us together- no matter the weather- in a tank or in a sweater
Pantoum attempt with a couplet summation at the end
1.6k · Jul 2013
Airplane seats
Steven Fried Jul 2013
**** em.

Claustrophobic nightmares
Chiropractic disasters

Supplementary salvation-
From Salvation-
pillows and blankets

Strangers are wed

Elbow-room is
as precious as gold
a needle in a haystack

A waiting room
for greater adventures in store.
1.6k · Sep 2013
Steven Fried Sep 2013
Symmetry faceless or otherwise
colorful or
drab. Equality is sin
struggle is peace with people
Cynically and worldly impossible
No prejudice, no illness
Well prejudice is illness, and humans are death
The propaganda vaccinations donated by our governments daily, monthly, yearly
Not antiestablishment
not anti-symmetric
1.6k · Jun 2013
Page 51
Steven Fried Jun 2013
Don’t quit a book until you’ve read the first 50 pages

Because she is not a ****…
Rather an opportunist

And she is not easy…
Rather extremely open

And lastly, she is not a *****…
Rather a budding entrepreneur

Life is about perspective.
Reserve judgment until the end of the book
Because page 51 just might change your life.
1.4k · Sep 2013
Steven Fried Sep 2013
Soft Supple
Skinning Flaying Dipping
A luxury death
1.4k · Sep 2013
Late Night
Steven Fried Sep 2013
Late Night
Shared with you fright
Delight in terror lies
Ghost goul haunt the shadow lost time
Stay Close
1.4k · Apr 2015
Straining Silence
Steven Fried Apr 2015
Red mutes hurried through the passages, underneath
They mewled in a soundless frenzy — straining
Mania drove their bodies against the walls, and broke through
Rain, a drowning curtain from prejudiced eyes
Stop! and stay there, down below, together
So the caverns may echo, but no one will know.
1.4k · Sep 2013
Loss of Companionship
Steven Fried Sep 2013
No one has picked up for weeks. They are home, but no one has picked up. Not an email returned, nor a text acknowledged. I ****** up. I know. But why won't anyone, anyone answer me...
I can only contemplate so long in a dark room. My sulking is repetitive. I'm guilty. I admit it, and freely so. She died at my house, my party, my birthday, my drink.
Accident's happen. Can't anyone see that? Can't anyone see I'm not a murderer? Can't anyone just UNDERSTAND? All I want is for them to understand. All I've wanted is for someone to say okay, I get it. Is it so hard? I asked god. I've asked every waking moment with every twitch of my being if anyone could understand. I guess I know his answer. I guess silence is another word for no. For you don't deserve it. For ******* for trying. For get off the ground. For move on.
But I can't move on. I can't see over the lip of my hole. I can't move I'm prostrated here bound and gagged… by chains. My words have all escaped me. I can't even speak. I try to splutter a word and nothing happens. I can only think now, and even that is becoming beyond my ability. The disjointedness is enclosing.
I wish i could apologize. Just answer for me to apologize.
Oh well.
Ignorance is bliss, knowledge is power, and insanity is safety
Insanity is my true shelter the true zenith of insight. So I'll slip and I'll fall through the hole into the disease. At least its touch is awaiting; at least I will have warmth.
good morning...?
I'm not suicidal. Actually I'm quite happy, this is fictional. But for anyone out there who feels like this, even people who aren't going through it may have an inkling of understanding.
1.4k · Jun 2013
My home
Steven Fried Jun 2013
My home
Earth, USA, Poconos, Camp Ramah, Boys Campus, Bunk 12, Third wooden step
There is a hornets nest underneath- harmlessly buzzing,
we are drunk on youth and invincible
Peace draws me back.

Leaning back on the fourth step, the wood digs into my elbows but
I don't care. I'm too content.
In front of me is a sprawling bright green hill of grass
plunging downward with a strip of gravel leading to the lake.

Feeling the aged, warm wood beneath my feet is
cozy. The gazebo is at the apex of the lush hill;
it's falling apart. Cobwebs cover it and the wood is flaking, but
no one said home was perfect.

I tilt my head upward briefly to feel the warmth of the sun and then scan
downward at the square pool surrounded by a romantic chain-link fence.
Past the pool is a run down boathouse.
My first kiss was there. I told her I had a "secret to tell her,” tilted her chin with my hand, and kissed her.

A serene manmade lake sits just below the boathouse.
The deep blue waters
and the bouncing "blob” own my attention.

A picturesque scene… the lake surrounded by a dense forest at the bottom
of a giant, beautiful hill which houses for just a brief period,
some of the best friends I’ve ever had,
is home to me.
It is serenity, it is comfort, it is love.

Home has no definition,
but the third wooden step, bunk 12, boys campus, Camp Ramah, USA, Earth, gazing in the hot summer sun over the most
beautiful piece of land I've ever laid my eyes upon
sure feels like home to me.
1.4k · Jun 2013
Laundromat Conversation
Steven Fried Jun 2013
I'm not yankin' your chain, pullin’ the wool over your eyes, or any of that ****.
This is the job man.
Fly a plane, build a bridge, climb a mountain- do it man. Don't limit yourself.
Unless you’re not that adventurous guy, I mean, that's cool. No inner drive to be outgoing: That's cool, that's cool, I get it, stay with us… work at the Laundromat. There are so many benefits to a Laundromat. Good… well decent money. Not much real work, we operate machines, so whatever really. But the chillest part is, we get to see the creepy stains people have on their clothing... and have a good laugh behind their backs.
These stains tell stories.
Pilots are sweaty under their arms. This tells me they are confined, cramped, caged, we are free in our own little Laundromat world.
Bridge builders have industrial stains; no regular old machine will get those out. We are chillin’ working for the same pay they are at a quarter of the effort. Hikers are even worse. They are soaked head-to-toe in sweat for a view from a postcard- idiots.
It may not be as stimulating as flying a plane; as as helpful as building a bridge; as monumental as hiking a mountain; but it’s the superiorly important.
We are doing the world a huge service. Without us, there would be no uniforms for pilots, no clothes for the bridge builder, and no hiking gear for the mountain man.
Buck up, life could be worse, you could be a more useless guy with creepy stains who flies a plane- builds a bridge- or hikes a mountain and then overpays us at the Laundromat to clean his clothes.
1.3k · Jun 2013
Entertain a Poem
Steven Fried Jun 2013
Let a poem seep into your mind
Let a poem absorb into your conscience, subconscious, and soul
Let the craftsmanship of words take you to another world
Do not be afraid to read
Do not be afraid to write
We are all poets.
We are all entertainers and audience members
Entertain the thought that poetry is more than a word
it's a feeling
it's an emotion
it's a way of life
Entertain a Poem : let a Poem Entertain you.
1.3k · Sep 2013
Steven Fried Sep 2013
Run in your sleep
Fireflies light the night
Bark at your prey on the fairground
Night beast
1.2k · Nov 2014
Steven Fried Nov 2014
The Overpass
Boys get high

and pass the warmth

vivid and bright.

Living surfaces surround them-

 spray paint
under the overpass.

They were nigh new members

a nation of addicts.

Here recruitment was rampant

where friends went to try

and they broke-

chemically chained

under that overpass.

In the summer

strange souls pressed together

to ****, to love, to grow,

a maiden voyage

hailed by the night
inhaling the night

under that overpass.

If ever you get high

and look for something more

it’s right there

under that overpass.

Behind the weedy grass and paint

a blue door waits.

Bones litter the escape-

to a new world.

Pass out of  this lif
and lay before it.
Release yourself,

enter paradise

under that overpass.
Steven Fried Jun 2013
But not for long
Socks Rapidly shot in
Just like a basketball at the buzzer
Boxers next
Shoved and forgotten
Undershirts crisp and white
Blanket the bottom like snow
Colorful shirts
Folded and at attention
Mimick a soldier at ready
Are deployed in
The warzone

Long pants
Almost forgotten
But, not quite
Athletic shorts
Scrunched up
Ready to jump at a moments notice
Swim shorts are strewn over
As a makeshift barricade between
Regular and
Collared shirts

Another pocket
IN go phone chargers!
IN goes computer charger!
IN goes deck of cards!
As fast as the eye can see

Clip on
The black bag of magic
Dental floss
Retainer case
Last but not least
The most holy of holies
Deodorant is
Gingerly, gently slid into place
All Effluvia of
The Travelers Trade
Zip closed
1.2k · Oct 2013
Steven Fried Oct 2013
insurmountable and incomparably lethargic legs and cinder blocks
weigh on our spirited necks
ball-and-chains of addiction, attachment, and spiritualism hold us prisoners of the looping track
over one Everest
onto the next
with baggage of all sorts
don't trip or your trip
will be the last with you in last-
left behind
1.2k · Oct 2013
Steven Fried Oct 2013
Divided by lock and key
bolt and lock
hold solid in stolid monotony
strong oak lacquer knights are guardians
standing vigil in front of dark rooms with darker secrets
Glare in glass panes and through the shattered splatter- splintering shards dance over musty old ground-mold dusty without sound because whom is here to hear the whispers flowing out from within
But resist the steel boot brutes kicking and screaming to steal in
killing hostages on your floor
treasure chests and gold chalice -might be within
no crusaders disturb what you strive to preserve peace and prosperity deemed unimportant
with outstanding austerity
don't give up your mystery
because then what are you but history adrift
sorry it's been a little while...
1.2k · Jun 2013
Steven Fried Jun 2013
If you need a reason to dress up
If you get out of bed without a purpose
If you are plugged-in until the lights are out
If you have anxiety
If you resist every temptation
If you don't smell the roses
If you don't pick your head up and enjoy every moment
If you don't express
If you don't live fully
If you miss it

You're living wrong.

So look beautifully
Stride purposefully
Shut it down
Live stress-free
Enjoy nature
Bask in your surroundings
Speak freely
Live completely
Don't waste your time

And you may be lucky enough to die regret-free.
1.2k · Oct 2013
Steven Fried Oct 2013
how can we fly
with clipped wings
majestic creatures with unbridled souls
free range horses
only hindered by sadism and disunity
and violence in the air and on the streets
and mutilated limbs and cruelly mutilated hearts
lost loved ones and broken spirits
downtown junkies and washed out drop-outs
broken down cars and trailer homes on cinder blocks
large homes and broken wine glasses
splintering summer porches and decaying floor planks in the Poconos
how can we ride
with flat tires
1.2k · Jun 2013
TLC Four Weddings
Steven Fried Jun 2013
Four Weddings
Four Women
One Honeymoon

Spiteful Women
Lying through their teeth
Not too high/ Not too low

Just high enough to look innocent
Not high enough to lose
because you are a spiteful woman

You loved the food
You loved the dress
You loved the wedding

But you're a horrible person
and at your core
are a spiteful and selfish woman.

*"I'd give it a six."
1.1k · Sep 2013
Steven Fried Sep 2013
Traction Air
Leaks Tears Turns
Blowouts on eight lanes
1.1k · Jun 2013
Steven Fried Jun 2013
You’re not addicted to Facebook
You only spend
Hours a day online
Checking on
How many friends you have
Making sure
You’ve poked everyone you can
Keeping up
With the newest profile pictures of
People you don’t even know
No problem,
You’re not addicted to Facebook

You still do
Follow your ex – she doesn’t know
It’s important
That you put all your parties online
Because you’re - Important
And just like everyone else
You’re not addicted to Facebook

Life’s too short
Not to share
Life’s too long
To remember it all
So you have the Internet
To catalogue
But you can’t ever leave
Because if you do
How could you remember those hazy times?
Let’s all say thanks
To Facebook
And it’s a good thing
You’re not addicted to Facebook

Because if you were addicted to Facebook
It’d just be another
Drug to worry about.
1.1k · Jun 2013
First Time
Steven Fried Jun 2013
A party in the jungle heat,
he is sober,
Like always.
Just one drink...
Come on try it...

One, please, do it with me
Don't be left out
Just one...?
Capitulation First Sip.
Fruit juices of the jungle- strawberry sweet with that telling aftertaste
no regret.
First cup finished
He is Tipsy.
Secnd cup finshed
He is Buzzed.
Pride, He has lost his inicense, He is growin' up.
The only limit is dere are none...
Three cups in and the sweet nektar is gane,
One half a Loko next – grawss.
The world tips.
One half a wutr botle goes very fastly - no flavor at all
The world blurs,
Cut to couch 3 am
He tiiirrrred, He fulll, He is full-on drunk.
For the first time in sixteen years, he is a wining-confused-inarticulate baby.
Pillow on his face to hide from the lights- not the shame- just the party that needs to be over
He wants sleep, but the spins keep him awake.
The rumors abound: "He assed out on the couch."- not true.
Alcohol fueled lie.
Alcohol distorts perception far worse than a few rumors can hope to encompass.
Alcohol turns your average teen into a
True or false...? You weigh in.
1.1k · Aug 2013
Steven Fried Aug 2013
Eden, liar
You have wormed into my heart

sweets of tender wonder

hallucinogens of a future "we"

Breaking with
a straw, and fake number

Eden, where is my innocence?
I am but a husk

A thin black dress,
A swooping neckline,
You are my affection.
1.1k · Jun 2013
The world burns
Steven Fried Jun 2013
was necessary for survival

Handicraft helped
but shelter was not necessary as the world burned

To phase'out companionship
invites emetic death

Blazes hot enough to burn stars
smolder with sulfurous fumes

The flames burgeon illumination
as worlds are rent

All forms of hesitation are irrelevant with
society's abutments collapsed.

To pass freely was
never an option.
1.1k · Jun 2013
Steven Fried Jun 2013
The Holocaust didn’t happen
Knows that
Six million people died
A war was fought
Evidence was found
Testaments were made
The world was changed
But come on
The Holocaust didn’t happen

Those concentration camps were
Those emaciated people were
Those war crimes were
But come on
The Holocaust didn’t happen

Questions concerning
All moot points
The Holocaust didn’t happen.
1.1k · Sep 2013
Brother Dog
Steven Fried Sep 2013
Four black matchstick legs
with white strike tips
large belly and a strong black haired back

Gunk in his eyes and
behind the top of his long ears
he leans into delight

strong torse against leg
behind swaying in the breeze
belly rubs and dominance

the possessively agressive- toilet paper connoisseur
arthritis in his back right leg
I the nightly electronic chair lift
squatter on grass green blanket

I was away when it got worse
no acclimation
full on hell storm

ten years ago...
second grade he pooped in the hallways

he's grown out of the escapist gene
looking back now with our loving eyes
my best friend and brother
Spyro: My Brother Dog.
1.0k · Jul 2013
Waking in Israel
Steven Fried Jul 2013
When the crickets tweet,
The rooster crows,
the birds caw,
the donkey brays,
the men holler,
my roommate snores like a steam engine,

all before 4 am;

I thank God for the wake up call.

My day can begin that much earlier-

with the sight of the sunrise
the smell of the animals
the touch of the grass
the taste of the sea air
and the sound of prayer.

My six senses remind me once again
Where I am
Why I am here.

In the Holy Land
to revel in
Brotherhood, and Culture and Judaism
1.0k · Jun 2013
Steven Fried Jun 2013
From a distance you are beautiful
close proximity highlights your supposed refinement
then you open your mouth...

A whirlwind of immaturity and thoughtlessness
barrages me.

Why don't you have friends?
Well talking a million miles out of your *** doesn't help.

I'm exhausted by the end- worn out- done.

You close your mouth and I forget,
I'm ****** in like a male fly to a shiny-female light.
Only your words are a much more effective fly zapper than electric lamps
and I’ll soon learn.
1.0k · Sep 2013
Steven Fried Sep 2013
We make the time
Allowing it to rule
We bend to its inanimate
1.0k · Oct 2013
Steven Fried Oct 2013
Faster pedal gas
Rev your engine loud spirit
Break loose the chain hold

Sixty flat
Five seconds faster
Left dead locked


Nails glass knife
Slash a tire pop
Passenger seat

Three deaths on Oak Road
Valedictorian dead
Terrible the loss
1.0k · Jun 2013
Steven Fried Jun 2013
Don't wait.
Go farther.
Don't wait.
Go bigger.
Don't wait.
Go deeper.
Don't wait.
Go grander.
Don't wait.
Go explore.
Don't wait.
Go learn.
Don't wait.
Go live.
Don't wait.
Go love.
Don't wait.
1.0k · Aug 2013
Mt. Scopus
Steven Fried Aug 2013
My return trip,
feels like a new beginning

New sights and sounds,
to rediscover.

Judaism’s heart and soul
lies within the city.

Winding streets and twisting turns
lead to the Kotel, the Holy of Holies.

A religious center and
my core.

The cultural hub, tossed salad, or melting ***,
of the religious world.

Burqas and Tallit,
Tzitzis and Crosses,
try, oh they try…
to coexist.
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