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Skyy Blu Apr 2019
Someone tell me is love free or do we pay, for it with all that is within us?
Skyy Blu Aug 2013
Red rose pedals, lying on a bed of 100% Egyptian cotton; as we touch all hurts and pains are forgotten: on 100% Egyptian cotton.
The sun rises...between your thighs; I'm completely mesmerized.
I open up my wings to you...all the forbidden things we do.
Suspended animation as we fuse into one, My universe raptures your sun...on 100% Egyptian cotton.
Red roses pedals an all is honey to the bee, nectar so sweet; The juice of lust has become our treat.
I open up my mind to this, I've tasted the forbidden fruit, on 100% Egyptian cotton...where all time is forgotten...
Red rose pedals dripping with sweat and the sweet taste of passion.
Dripping like morning dew, as I fuse my likeness inside of you.
You drink from the well-wine so sweet...I pull from your treasures; delightful treats.
Strong yet tender, hard yet soft, wet and dry; My wings are open and we fly.
Up and down, in and out, around the sun, beneath the moon, together as one; We come not soon.
Emerged together, like rain in June...on 100% Egyptian cotton, with red rose pedals, where all time is forgotten.
I lost my love.
I found my passion.
I lost my pureness it erupted in your ashes...resurrected from the grave.
Your love drew me and made me slave, I yield to this sin...
Got my passion and lost my friend on 100% Egyptian cotton red roses where all is forgotten.
Skyy Blu May 2018
It doesn't matter if, it's a friendship, friendlationship, or relationship: if, we're both not giving a 100% than it's not going to work for me. With me, It's ---All- In---or-All-Out..... Point- Blank-Period. 60--40, Won't do... Not for me---- would that, work for you?
Skyy Blu Nov 2013
The fact.... that you don't have a clue, really isn't anything new. You being like everyone else... note to myself --and it was fair, yo! You're not rare. The same-ole-same it's all in the game, only thing... your game is lame. This is quick and this is short... Whatever, this is I must abort. This doesn't mean that I don't care but I'm looking for something... Someone that's rare; Loving, Kind, and Tender too: Understanding, Positive, and down for Yeah! Down for me. Who, would always be... down for we. I guess, I've had more than enough of your negativity. Like a bird now... I fly cause I'm free, loving myself with no negativity.  Like the son I might stand along and like the sun my day is full blown. It's nothing new... You not having a  clue-- now watch you try and make this { all about youuuu}.!
Skyy Blu Mar 2017
All I want is for someone to look beyond all my faults, and see my need to be loved.  My need to be touched in such a way that, defies logic because I need someone that, can penetrate my very being; that can walk within my spirit and make love to my soul..... without touching my flesh only---- speaking truth to my whole-self. All I want is for someone..... to be real and true to me......and love me unconditionally..... That's all I want! All I.....
Skyy Blu Jan 2017
All I ever-wanted was.... to be loved-by someone who could really see-me.... The real me--- Beyond the mask that, I wear to save-me..... keep-me-safe. All I ever wanted was.... to be seen by someone---- who really cared and could see-me-for-me .....beyond- my-flesh, beyond my-veil of emotions, beyond my hurts-and-pains, beyond my faults-and-shame.... someone who could see the whole-of-me---- good-bad-and-ugly.....and love me anyway! All I ever wanted was.... Someone to be down for me..... Come-What-May.... Trust-Me-Exclusively and Allow-Me-To-Do-The-Same. All I ever wanted was.... A lover who was closer then my best-friend .....Who'd be a friend closer than a brother. That's all I've ever wanted...... Someone to love me...... for-me-----and allow me to love them in the same. All I ever wanted.....was something real, something true, something lasting, something-old-yet-new...... That's All I've Ever Wanted. All I Ever Wanted.
Skyy Blu Sep 2018
To-Be Transparent..... to be true, All I ever think about is you. You are my sun-and-moon.... You are my now-and-forever.... all that, I am is locked inside of you. To-Be-Transparent.... to be true.... You're my life-and-all I ever think about is you. To-Be- Transparent, to be true...... all I ever think is you.
Skyy Blu Jan 2020
Not looking for someone to complete me.... I'm already whole-- just wanna find someone, who can add to what's already here..... yeah-- add to what's already here!
Skyy Blu Jan 2017
You're always...... Always--- on my mind. My day starts and ends with you. You're the light that brings me through..... even the darkest of night, as long as you're there I know that, everything will be alright. You're my healing when there's pain..... My shelter from the rain. You're the peace in the midst of my storm, you're the fire that keeps me warm. You're the beat within my chest.....and the silence where I find rest. You are the love that I bring and, every reason that  I sing. In-Short..... You're my everything..... and you're always on my mind. You're Always On My Mind.
Skyy Blu Apr 2018
I just want something real in a lover or a friend. I'm so tired of meeting--- and wasting time on people who turns out to be fake. Why, Don't people come with a sticker or something..... that states what they are? I mean, Why can't we all just put, everything on front street..... when we meet? That-Way, We won't waste time getting to know someone that, don't won't what we want. Am I tripping?
Skyy Blu Feb 2020
She: I humble myself before you.... all that I want--all that I am....I find in you.   He: I feel as though, I've loved you for a thousand lifetimes....and I am prepared to love you, for a thousand more! For-Me, You are my always-and-forever...You are my now and forever-more. I feel I've loved you for a thousand lifetimes, and I pray for a thousand more. I want a thousand  lifetimes.
Skyy Blu May 2016
Be the moon that lights the sky...... Be the stars in your haters eye, Be what you were called to be..... Walk-In, Your destiny. Let your inner-beauty set the captives free...... Everybody's waiting on you---- to walk in your Liberty! Be
Skyy Blu May 2018
When Earth and Earth come together in love or lust.... Beauty is Born.... Magic is Made.... Ecstasy--- Erupts. When Earth and Earth yields to one another in love that's pure, Beauty is Born. Beauty is Born.
Skyy Blu Apr 2019
I exist because of you.
Skyy Blu Apr 2019
Love-and-Kindness will allow you to see ones true colors, not judgment-and-hate. Don't hate me because I'm different from you or because you don't understand me!
Skyy Blu Aug 2019
You call me a freak because.... I'm about reaching your peak. I'm beyond what you originally thought... way beyond what your moms thought or your dad taught....I'm the one hidden in you...The freak that, you have embraced but never new. Whatever you want to do---I make possible to you....I'm the depth you never knew...the part of you that's alive and true.... whatever-whatever---I be true,
Skyy Blu Apr 2018
U left me with a fragile heart--- fighting to rebuild, trying to make a new start. This dusty frame is all to blame--- for loving you.... something that, my heart told me not to do but, I followed my mind and it fell for you. U, Left me down, angry, hurt, and ashamed.... I survived your lies, your cheating, all-the-ways-you were mistreating me ; I survived, you pulling my heart-out-of-my-chest.... telling me--- my baby boy wasn't mine and that; I've been dismissed. U, Left me in pieces.... spirit weeping..... heart shattered..... nothing-and-no-one-mattered..... but I survived..... and I'm better-than-u-left-me. Yes, I'm Better Than U Left Me.
Skyy Blu Dec 2015
If, You think,that I want be able to go on-without you.... You better think again. If, You think that, I'm going to fall apart--without you.... You better think again. If, You think that,I'm going to lie down and die without- you..... You better think again. If, You think that, I won't replace you--- lover or friend...... You better think again. You Better Think Again.
Skyy Blu Dec 2015
Come.... It's time--- Leave your clothes there--- drop-them and unwind. Lets go places... you've never gone before.... I'll do things that, will keep you *******-evermore. I want to taste-you from head-to-toe.... even down there--- I want to go. I like the taste of your sweet-and-lo-- 69... I'm down--- I'm a freak-- don't clown. We can do whatever you like.... I'm down for whatever and I'm good for all night. Come.... Trust-Me.... Your fantasy is safe with me. I'll just- keep it between us..... I'll just keep- it between us. Between- Us!
Skyy Blu Feb 2020
Remembering a time--- I loved beyond myself. It was a time so long ago, a time when innocence was real and pure..... When a man's word was his bond.... and people loved genuinely from the heart. Those, Days seem so long ago.... so another lifetime and I'm just remembering. Remembering, When all of the adults neighbors on your street---- had the right given to them by your parents to give you a beat-down; if they saw you out there acting-the- fool.... being-the-clown---- unknowingly letting your parents down. They, Would pull you aside in love---- bust your ***-just cause .... and take you home---- tell your parents and from there it was on! It was truly a village and they loved you like their own. I'm, Remembering a time---- I loved beyond myself....... It seems like it was so long ago--- so another lifetime.
Skyy Blu Aug 2015
I hate myself and it's because of you.... all the crazy- mixed-up things, you put me  through. Out-On-A-Limb....You had me standing, You cut it off; yet-you, were still demanding. Demanding that, I stand. Stand firm for we.... When your cloud of gray said, "I give you.... Your-Free"! I hate me.... For loving you,  Beyond my true. The real that, was lost because of you. You made me feel like.....less-than-nothing; You took the me: My worth and substance. Then you set.... Me on the block..... In the heat of the day; stripped me naked....and all you would say----was" bidder-bidder-- what's your price..... You can take this home tonight. Slave, Worthless, Beast-of-Burden; Clown----- I for you.... Fool-If, You wanted me..... to be. Me... I gave to you. My free.... I was slave to you. You did things, I never thought that, you would do. Then you left. You left me.... With-Me! The me..... I hated because of you: because I loved you.... Beyond My True.... Beyond My True.
Skyy Blu Nov 2017
Beyond..... You! I'd rather be alone with peace then in the midst of chaos.... with a bunch of fools trying to prove themselves--- to people who could care less or who really don't matter..... One-Way-Or-The-Other! I'd rather have peace..... Beyond- You!
Skyy Blu Sep 2018
I like pink.... it's deep how you make me think....that all we'll ever need is hidden between these sheets. I like pink but my baby-boo is deep into blue,and when we're together I like blue too..... no--- I'm not turning my back on pink but, I'm more than my sexuality... I'm more.... and I acknowledge my free. I like pink the way it moves, the way it tastes, the way it smells,the softness of it's touch..... pink those are some of the reasons, why I love you so much....but my baby-girl is down and true... she loves me beyond sun and moon... and she's really into blue ; and when we're together, I'm into blue too... when we're together I'm into blue too.  Blue.
Skyy Blu Feb 2020
I open my wings to you....don't leave me out in the cold... Love-Me... Body-and-Soul...For, To you-- I give my all over-and-over....and over-again.... Body-and-Soul.
Skyy Blu Jul 2019
Bottom Line......The way you react matters more than you know.... Never-Let, Anyone bring you down to a negative place or make you respond out of character .You are greater then that! Bottom Line.
Skyy Blu Apr 2019
If, Another woman can take your man.... she's doing you a favor.... believe-me, No-One, Who's really down for you--- Can Ever Be Taken!
Skyy Blu May 2016
There are certain things that...I adore: Like you and I naked on the bedroom floor or kitchen table spent.... yet, Yearning for more. There are certain things that I adore. Like, Kissing you deeply as you hold me tight.... my tongue lost inside you---- and everything in the earth seems right. You really get-me...... You feel me in a way--- I've never known---- it's like you have made-me.... your-own. There are certain things that, I adore.... Like you giving me your all and asking---- if, I want more; letting me know-that, you're down for whatever..... Lets explore. You get me high.... Take me deep..... Give-Me-Pleasure..... make me weep----every-time we make love, right before you put me to sleep. There are certain things that, I adore....Like the thought of having you for a lifetime and even more.You-and-I-Forever..... For-Sure-For-Sure.... A lifetime is not enough..... I''ll forever be wanting more. There are certain things that, I adore.... They--- let me know that.... I'm yours.
Skyy Blu Aug 2019
I hate you! From, The look in your eyes--- To the bitter-sweet words you choke out. I hate you and everything   you're about.. The way your hands caress my frame... Leaning in close to whisper my name. I hate that, I can never.... Never love you again. How, I thought we would last a lifetime....An eternity. I hate how now you've decided that can never be...I hate you and all that, you've done to me.Bewitched-My-Mind, With thoughts of you--Cursed my soul with your witches brew.I hate that I love you more now....than I use to. When I dream at night it's never a dream come true....I hate that, I hate myself more than I hate you. You hate... me I hate you...For all of the things that, you put me through. I gave heart... Soul... *** .... you.You ******* me literally--- slapped me... Played with my blue. My-Blue, That rained for only you. I spread my wings just to be cut by you. You drink me deeply.... Swallowed me whole. Played with my intellect, Straight- ******* my soul--- Yet, You hate me! That, Can't be true---Just last night---I received all of you. You came into my intellect--- Seized my soul....******* my mental....Made me your own.You say--You love me but that's, not true---I hate you more: Bout time you knew....My flowers are yours....your horn I've already blew--You hate me but I hate you too! Where do we go from what I ask of you.
Skyy Blu Mar 2017
I've seen body..... It's easy and common to give-up this....and undress have *** on the first date nevertheless. I want to be able to see you naked.... Bare-Before me! I want to be naked before you as well...... Dance in the essence of your truth....Slow-Grind in the depth of your mind; Touch, The beauty of your soul, and listen to the stories never before told: about you.... From you--- and it has nothing to do with the, taking-off of your clothes!
Skyy Blu Oct 2017
I see you.... and you haven't a clue,' Cause you still see we.... as being 2... but there's someone missing in our we---- I'll answer your who--- that someone is me. You haven't seen me for such along time... I've been a space in the corner of your mind. What you've been giving..... you can keep---- I gave my all but on me, you were sleep. I see you.... and you have not a clue..... you slept on me and I moved-on-without you. Clueless.
Skyy Blu Sep 2019
Come-Away-With-Me....Lets kiss so deeply that, I find myself in you and you loose yourself in me. Come-Away... With-Me, Lets find what we've been looking for.... I'll be heaven-- I'll give you joy.... down for whatever--- I'm--Ya-Boi! Come-Come... Come-Away-With-Me, Lets make history.... You-Plus- Me.... put it on eternity.Come-Away With Me.
Skyy Blu Nov 2017
Loving you as much as I love myself...... takes me to depths in love that, I've never known. Helps me to experience passion that,  goes beyond the weakness of my flesh. Loving you as much as I love myself helps me to flow....In the kind of love that, God has ordained for me-- for us! Loving you as much as I love myself..... Completes me...... Completes Me.
Skyy Blu Aug 2013
I said, Lets talk, but you wouldn't hear; Instead you walked,
Walked away without saying a word, but your actions- Be sure that I heard.
You say, I'm ready now... but thing is--I just don't know how,
Never learned, to converse...only yell, scream, and curse.
Never learned, not to lie...but say whatever to survive
Never learned, To depend on another; Be it friend, lover, or brother.
Let's talk, you said to me-got my attention; speak-be-free.
Now it's me, With no words to say, 'Cause no one has ever come to me this way.
You see, I never learned how to converse, Only listen while they would yell, scream, and curse.
Never learned, how to lie...stand on the truth and never cry.
Never learned, how not to depend on my brother, lover, or friend.
So we converse, our flow is real-for better or worse.
We converse, like never before; have we opened a forbidden door?
A door that leads to truth, a door that may expose our youth,
You tell, your secrets and I tell we converse about old times.
I see the tears as they fill your eyes, I see the hurt that you have tried to hide.
You can feel the pain, that I thought was only mine, as we converse...we realize, that there's no-need to compromise.
I'm here for you and I understand you pain, your down for me and in truth we maintain.
Let's talk, for-better-or-for-worse, we must converse
Skyy Blu Jun 2015
Could you tell, That I was into you? Could you tell, That I like a river flowed to you? Could you tell, That my smile was because of you? Could you tell, That my heart yearned for you? Could you tell, My body burned for you? Could you tell, Like rain I fall for for you? Could you tell, That I would give my all to you? Could you tell, That I would be slave to you?Could you tell, That I live my life for you? Could you tell, I give all to you? Like water.. I'm weak for you.Like honey, I'm sweet for you; like fire I'm hot for you, Like wind I blow for you; Could you tell?
Skyy Blu Jun 2015
Could you tell, That I was into you? Could you tell, That I like a river flowed to you? Could you tell, That my smile was because of you? Could you tell, That my heart yearned for you? Could you tell, My body burned for you? Could you tell, Like rain I fall for for you? Could you tell, That I would give my all to you? Could you tell, That I would be slave to you?Could you tell, That I live my life for you? Could you tell, I give all to you? Like water.. I'm weak for you.Like honey, I'm sweet for you; like fire I'm hot for you, Like wind I blow for you; Could you tell?
Skyy Blu Aug 2013
When you spoke
It was like jazz
Deep and pure
Sweet yet simple
Flowing from endless melody
Oh how you raptured me
In just one word...hello
You melted me
Ohh like honey butter
To you I flow
Speak again
My jazz melody

When we met
It was December
Do you remember the music we made
You were as smooth as the blues
An up beat tempo
On my sullen days
The wind blew us into another phase
You spoke the word goodbye
Slow jazz whispered through my ears
Calming down my river of tears
For you I flow
Come again
Help me grow

Sweet whispers
In a jazz melody
You so deep
In me
I'm so true to you
But your goodbye
Makes my brown eyes blue
I'll be blues to you
Down beat slow melody
Strings like bass
Drumming the tears
Streaming down my face
I'll be blues for you
You be jazz to me
Why can't we make a melody?

Make a rhythm so soft
Only the beat knows were we fell off
How your voice spoke to mine
Once in perfect harmony
Our pitch was different this time
Never forget the music we made
For you I flow
It took you leaving me
Me loving you
To help us grow.
Skyy Blu Apr 2017
Why! Didn't, You just tell the truth.....It would've been so much easier than telling a lie. I would have respected you more, truth warrants respect but  a lie just makes you a joke; and not worthy to be respected. I also, would feel as though you cared a little about me..... had you been honest that-is; You lying to me hurt much deeper, because by lying to me it let me know that ;you didn't care enough about me to tell me the truth! I would prefer you to tear my heart-Out-with  the truth, rather-than, calming your mind by telling me a lie. You're not a man..... You're a paper tiger...... Little-Boy-Pin-Up, Selfish- Sad- Lier!  You-Know, The thing that, hurts the most is the fact, that you didn't care enough about me to tell me the truth.
Skyy Blu Apr 2017
Why! Didn't, You just tell the truth.... it would've been so much easier than telling a lie. I would have respected you more, truth warrants respect but a lie just makes you a joke; and not worthy to be respected. I also, would have felt that, you cared a little about me... had you been honest-- that-is, You lying to me hurt much deeper; because by lying to me it let me know-that; you didn't care enough about me to tell me the truth. I would prefer for you to tear my heart-out with the truth, rather-than calming your mind by telling me a lie. You're not a man..... You're a Paper Tiger.... Little Boy Pin-Up, Selfish, Sad, Lier! You-Know, The thing that, hurts the most is the fact, that you didn't care enough about me-- to tell me the truth. You just..... Didn't Care Enough!
Skyy Blu May 2018
Different, Yet the same. I long for joy and I have endured pain; I have danced in the sun and laughed in the rain. I need and crave to be loved; as well as to love..... I am the sky and the stars above---- the hope of tomorrow--- a prayer and a dove. Different, Yet the same..... Human, be above our name. Human...... Different, Yet the same.
Skyy Blu Dec 2019
We don't have to take our clothes off-- to have a good time. I won't ask to see yours so don't ask to see mine.  It's about evolution so lets evolve.  Free your mind and the rest will follow.
Skyy Blu Jan 2017
You.... Stepped-To-Me.... Like you knew me! Oh-Boi.... You-Say.... You wanna get next to me. Tell-Me, Is-Your-Freak-Flag-Free? Are-U..... bout---- eating my-oooooo.... Like groceries? Cause.... If, I give-it--- You-Gotta.... ****-It! Way-Deep..... I wanna feel-it.... Like-Like.... It's Post-To-Be! If, You're..... Not--- A Freak..... Don't Mess With Me! AWWW! Just, Let me be..... If, You're not a freak..... Don't Mess With Me. I'm the girl ....Mama warned you bout..... mess with me and get--- turned-out! I'll take you places you've never been....and if---- you please-me..... I'll take you there again. Down- For-Whatever..... We can kiss to be clover! Leather- Lace, Candle-Wax, Spankings, Ice, Golden- Showers, Mini-Beads, Kisses-Down-Low or whatever--- You-know, I'm down for-sho! If, You're not a freak close the door.... I Be Freak Evermore...... and if-you're not...... Don't Mess With Me!
Skyy Blu Oct 2014
Didn't mean to ****... Two to the grill, so surreal! Didn't want to take a life... but you just don't sleep... with your best-friend's wife!! That's how we handle it.. down in the delta... Love is stronger than pride and a little lie... might cost you shelter. Well, I wasn't trying to take his life... gassed-up the bed and used a match to start a light. Wow! How, he did burn... He beat me for the last time... He got what he earned. That's how, we do it down in the delta... Cold water runs up, when secrets blow your shelter. Wasn't aiming to take a life... Just didn't know, she was his wife. Girl....! Walked-Up, and slapped the hell-out-of-me... talking bout the man, I had didn't belong to me. I... shot her-- before I knew... then I went across town and shot him too. That's how, we do it down in the delta... Eye for an eye, straight shots...Helter Skelter....Down.... Down in the Delta.
Skyy Blu Apr 2019
We may be from different clans.....have different skin attracted to a  different kind of flavor..... not color between the lines....but we can still live together in harmony; by excepting and respecting each other's differences.....and embracing one another in love.
Skyy Blu Apr 2019
Love is *******..... yet we long to be enslaved by it.
Skyy Blu Oct 2017
Almost will never come between us..... for I rise for you.... and I will continue to rise in our love, for an eternity.
Skyy Blu Dec 2018
She: What are you into? He: I'm hoping to get into you! She: The space is open but it's not're talking right now--- but I'm looking for an eternity. He: If, I fall will you catch me? She: Free- Fall, I'll be your net.... fall on into me. He: What are you into? She: I'm trying to get into you! He: The space between us is not free.... You don't have to window shop--- you can own me! She: If, I fall will you catch me? He: I'm your net... Free-Fall, Into me! I'm all that you'll ever need, and I'm down for eternity. I'm down for eternity.
Skyy Blu Mar 2017
She: I don't want to fight...... No-Not-Tonight! I don't even care about----who's right.If, We have to scream, argue, or fight----Lets dim all the lights.Take your aggression out on me..... Lets, Freak in the bedroom.....Come, Get-Off-On-Me! He: All- I-Ever, Think about is you.... I don't want to fight----just wanna be one with you! I-Know, at the end of the day.....Come-What-May, We both feel the same way. I'm gonna-meet you on common ground....... Whatever you want---- Lets-Get-Down! No-Not..... Tonight! If, We have to argue, scream, or fight.....Lets, Work-It..... In the bedroom......Even-If, It takes all night! Even-If!
Skyy Blu Feb 2020
Art has a way of speaking.... even through the silence.
Skyy Blu Apr 2018
I've had ordinary; it was fine at the time but now I want more. I know, there has to be more to life and love; then just ordinary. Hell, even ordinary people should want more than just ordinary. I don't want another ordinary love, I don't want another friend or friendship; I want something extra-- ordinary....without extra drama--- no one wants that. When I was young, I was foolish running after love and settling for someone; who didn't love me----Like I Do. Now, With age and wisdom,  I'm not willing to settle anymore..... I'm looking for someone who's going to love me--- Like I Do...... believe me, it won't be an ordinary love.
Skyy Blu Dec 2018
The song we all sing.... forget and sing again,  Body... Flesh-N-Bone... Natural our own.... We sing--- Love me... .make me your own. It's natural , Flesh-N-Bone.... Please... Love Me--- I promise I'll be strong... Truth-Is, We be natural.... Flesh-N-Bone... From-- Creator--- Til, we be back home.... We all sing... lets be natural-- Flesh-N-Bone.
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