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Aug 2013
Red rose pedals, lying on a bed of 100% Egyptian cotton; as we touch all hurts and pains are forgotten: on 100% Egyptian cotton.
The sun rises...between your thighs; I'm completely mesmerized.
I open up my wings to you...all the forbidden things we do.
Suspended animation as we fuse into one, My universe raptures your sun...on 100% Egyptian cotton.
Red roses pedals an all is honey to the bee, nectar so sweet; The juice of lust has become our treat.
I open up my mind to this, I've tasted the forbidden fruit, on 100% Egyptian cotton...where all time is forgotten...
Red rose pedals dripping with sweat and the sweet taste of passion.
Dripping like morning dew, as I fuse my likeness inside of you.
You drink from the well-wine so sweet...I pull from your treasures; delightful treats.
Strong yet tender, hard yet soft, wet and dry; My wings are open and we fly.
Up and down, in and out, around the sun, beneath the moon, together as one; We come not soon.
Emerged together, like rain in June...on 100% Egyptian cotton, with red rose pedals, where all time is forgotten.
I lost my love.
I found my passion.
I lost my pureness it erupted in your ashes...resurrected from the grave.
Your love drew me and made me slave, I yield to this sin...
Got my passion and lost my friend on 100% Egyptian cotton red roses where all is forgotten.
Written by
Skyy Blu
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