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Oct 2014
Didn't mean to ****... Two to the grill, so surreal! Didn't want to take a life... but you just don't sleep... with your best-friend's wife!! That's how we handle it.. down in the delta... Love is stronger than pride and a little lie... might cost you shelter. Well, I wasn't trying to take his life... gassed-up the bed and used a match to start a light. Wow! How, he did burn... He beat me for the last time... He got what he earned. That's how, we do it down in the delta... Cold water runs up, when secrets blow your shelter. Wasn't aiming to take a life... Just didn't know, she was his wife. Girl....! Walked-Up, and slapped the hell-out-of-me... talking bout the man, I had didn't belong to me. I... shot her-- before I knew... then I went across town and shot him too. That's how, we do it down in the delta... Eye for an eye, straight shots...Helter Skelter....Down.... Down in the Delta.
Written by
Skyy Blu
   Naomi Sa'Rai
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