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Feb 2020
Remembering a time--- I loved beyond myself. It was a time so long ago, a time when innocence was real and pure..... When a man's word was his bond.... and people loved genuinely from the heart. Those, Days seem so long ago.... so another lifetime and I'm just remembering. Remembering, When all of the adults neighbors on your street---- had the right given to them by your parents to give you a beat-down; if they saw you out there acting-the- fool.... being-the-clown---- unknowingly letting your parents down. They, Would pull you aside in love---- bust your ***-just cause .... and take you home---- tell your parents and from there it was on! It was truly a village and they loved you like their own. I'm, Remembering a time---- I loved beyond myself....... It seems like it was so long ago--- so another lifetime.
Written by
Skyy Blu
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