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rosie Aug 5
now that you are out of my life
these poems have mine have many different
rosie Aug 5
just because it is a work of fiction,
doesn't mean
my mind can't make it a reality
only in daydreams
rosie Aug 5
and it took this long
to realize you never meant much to me
to realize that I never meant anything to you

I have wasted too much time and tears on you
slowly developing an attachment that
even after all these years,
life continues;
you aren't my sunrise, or my sunset

time is wasted when you wait for those things to come about
rosie Aug 4
the nostalgia wears off after a while
and I fear my feelings have too

time heals wounds,
but every waking hour
feels like shards of glass puncturing your
until the pain turns numb

I dread the day you come back into my life,
making me feel once more
rosie Jul 10
four years of friendship
and you thought that I was
just going to leave you?

I never give up that easy.

don't worry,
I'm not the one that tends to leave
the people I care about behind
rosie Jul 7
it was a purgatory
sins were to be forgiven.
the island wanted them to
"remember and let go"
letting go was the final step

no, Jack, you never left the island
we never left...

we moved on.
based off the show "Lost"

"see ya in another life, brother"
rosie Jul 5
a pinky is used for promising
and I promise you:
you'll always be my #1
physical separation should never affect our friendship
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