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Lilly Smith Nov 5
Am I still the shadow?
Am I still the ghost of your dreams?
Who am I?
Who was the shadow in my dreams?
Was it me or the thought of you?

Your shadow still follows me
It haunts me, the thought of you hurts
My heart remembers our love like it was yesterday
My head remembers the days when we were happy
Yet I’ve realized that the past won’t change
All I can say is, “I miss you.”

Your shadow haunts me, the past follows me
I still wanna say, “I love you,” but we are no more
Why couldn’t we make things work?
Did we drift in the seas away from each other?
Or did we just fall out of love?
What could I have done to keep you in my arms forever?

All I can say is, “I miss you,” but do you miss me?
I can’t get over the thought of you
No matter how much I’ve tried my thoughts just go back to you
You got over me with the blink of an eye
Do you still miss me, or have you already forgotten the love that we had?
Lilly Smith Sep 26
I live in a world full of prying eyes, these windows have no blinds as I feel their eyes looking at my sleeping body. I hear their whistles, I hear their words.  I awoke when the glass shattered all over my carpet floor. I looked up into those eyes that were like a lion looking at his next ****. He walked closer to my bed and put rosy glasses over my eyes, my thoughts became foggy, my eyes turned to a blur, and all I could think of was him. How he was a nice guy, how I loved him, how he would never use me, how he loved me, and furthermore how no one could change my thoughts of him. Yes, all of those things became a reality, a reality I now wish to change because I was brainwashed. One night I was in an unsafe environment, where I was exposed to you. I said yes thinking you were sixteen but you were an adult, an adult who preyed on young insecure girls like me. After that night you took the rosy glasses of and what I knew was that you hurt me, you killed the part where I could fix myself, but now I'm broken. All I was to you was a porcelain doll that you could play with and once you were done you felt in pieces. You stole the pieces to my puzzle and now I'm unfixable, I'm broken to no point of return. I'm not the person I used to be, you killed me.

— The End —