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Estella Feb 2020
broken hearts:
I think we are all too familiar.
they aren't always from a lover.
sometimes they are from friends.
sometimes our family breaks our heart.
but the worst heartbreak of all–
is when we break our own hearts.
because this is almost impossible to heal.
Estella Feb 2020
as it comes to the end,
it feels like it is all crashing down.
most feel joy,
many feel a strong mix of happy and sad.
I just feel ready.
ready to leave.
ready to move on.
ready to find my life.
ready to find me.
ready to rebuild me.
no sense of sorrow,
and no feeling of joy.
Estella Feb 2020
the deeper the roots,
the stronger the tree.
the stronger the tree,
the more weight it can bear.
roots cling to others,
making them almost unbreakable.
but the tree planted alone,
has nothing else to cling to.
Estella Feb 2020
even the mended hurt sometimes too.
not because they are still broken,
but because their scars are still healing–
their wounds may be mending,
but their hearts are still healing.

and that's what ***** about
being broken–
once you are fixed, no one cares
to ask how you're doing.
They only care that you
ask them how they are.
I missed writing. but I need it right now...
Estella Feb 2020
And yet somehow,
the most powerful force on earth
could not keep two destined hearts
Estella Nov 2019
an empty house,
yet full of memories.
a book with no words,
yet full of pages.
an empty heart,
yet full of heartbreak
an empty soul,
just desiring to be filled again.
Estella Nov 2019
The Castle she was bound to,
Held her hostage to the prison of her mind.
Each year a new cell was built.
In each cell dwelled not another prisoner,
But another piece of her.
One memory lived among each cell.
Only the worst memory of her past did she visit,
And it was that of loneliness.
its been a while. I've missed writing....
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