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 Apr 2021 Estella
 Apr 2021 Estella
Love me at my darkest
Love me in my sorrow
Love me at my weakest,
When it is your strength I borrow.

Love me when I don't want you,
Love me when I feel hollow
Love me at the end of all hope
When in your grace, I'll follow.
 Jan 2021 Estella
 Jan 2021 Estella
I think I might be lost in you,
my love.
I hope you never ever leave my side
sweet angel
you've got my heart on your sleeve
 May 2020 Estella
 May 2020 Estella
By. Lauren

I miss writing poetry.
It just feels like death to me.
My thoughts under lock and key.
How do you write when you don't have rhyme?
It's just trauma on a page.
Why would anyone want to read?
My thoughts are so tangled up now that thou is dead to me.  
Poetry where has thou gone?
I feel so lost and numb.
It's all too much to say.
Trauma takes over me.
I ruined yet another friendship today.
It didn't make me cry this time.
Instead, it brought me here.
I've lost so many things.
I just feel like an empty drawer.
What am I to do?
There's nothing left to say.
 May 2020 Estella
 May 2020 Estella
By. Lauren

More below.
I got the amber alert years ago.
It was a girl.
A girl that isn't me, well not today I must say.
She was short and fair.
Skinny and nice.
Kind and soft.
Now she's six feet below.
She was a happy girl,
She was me.
But the amber alert still is there.
I can't seem to clear the notification.
She's just a missing girl,
A missing girl that once was me.
Now she's flesh and bones,
No meat to be found on her.
She's so frail and pale,
You hear the grave calling her.
She's sick and scared.
All she wants is to find the missing girl for she is the real me.
 Apr 2020 Estella
The thing I am most grateful
for is that when my heart broke,
it broke open.
 Apr 2020 Estella
Dead end
 Apr 2020 Estella
Life gave me a map and said "Follow this track
Work hard and stay focused; Don't ever look back.
Don't worry, I'll keep you safe- I give you my word."
I listened, and agreed, for my vision was blurred.

Little did I know, I was on the wrong trail
Far away from my dreams, I was doomed to fail
I'm looking for signs where they'll never be found
I'm shouting for help... but I can't hear a sound
I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere in dread
I thought Life made us gave me fear instead.
 Mar 2020 Estella
 Mar 2020 Estella
It used to be nice
But I'm no longer
Trapped inside
In the fickle mind of mine

I'm so alone
Someone, please, save me
Before I eat myself
To the bones and go crazy
 Apr 2019 Estella
I Thought
 Apr 2019 Estella
By. Lauren

I thought I could trust you,
But it was a ******* lie.
I thought you where my friend,
But I was wrong.
I thought I could tell you anything,
But now you've made me want to die.
My tongue is tied.
You spoke the word I wanted to hear I thought your lips where sealed.
If only I knew you would stab me today.
Our friendship must have been a joke to you if only it was a joke to me.
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