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Estella Apr 2019
as the leaves on the trees begin to grow again,
as the flowers begin to bud and bloom,
as things that used to fall apart are now falling into place–
so do the parts of life we are ready to give up on.

right when we are ready to give up on spring,
it pounces on us like a lion on it's dinner.
it brings back hope and joy.
Estella Apr 2019
to those that are willing to love freely:
you are braver than the rest.
to love freely is to share your whole heart.
to not hold anything back.
to love recklessly–
To those that are willing to freely love–
you are stronger than the rest.
to freely love is to have no worry in the world.
to be so full of love you are unstoppable.
to love independently–
because it takes true courage to truly love someone
Estella Apr 2019
the bad always seems to outweigh the good anymore.
I'm realizing I am so different
than the rest.
I don't fit in with the rest of them.
I am different–
and that used to be a good thing–
but the more different I am,
the worse it gets.
im just so sick of being so different than the rest of my friends. I don't drink smoke vape or party and thats all they do :((
Estella Mar 2019
at once you mean so much to someone,
yet when someone more important comes along,
you're nothing but a dead leaf blowing in the wind.
Estella Mar 2019
it's pointless now.
you ditched me for her–
I should have seen this coming.
you hate her.
you won't last.
she controls you
like the sky controls night and day.
you said yo would never leave–
yet you left.
you said you would always be there–
but where are you when I need you the most now?
Estella Mar 2019
a dead leaf blows off the tree
once useful,
pointless now.
just to start a pile of leaves,
and to be jumped in.
just to be blown off the sidewalk,
or to be torn apart.
just to have a purpose–
and then lose that feeling.
Estella Jan 2019
As rays of light,
warm the earth–
So your smile
warms my soul.
this isn't even about anyone, this is just how I want someone to feel about me I guess
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