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Jess Page Apr 2013
"Believe in yourself"
that's what they always say.
"Believe in yourself"
is this the only way?

Because I can never find the path,
even what I search through the stars.
Is this the only way?

It seems everyone's lives are building up
around me.
It seems like no one seems to see
that inside this is breaking me.
But as if I'm not already broken.

This smile is just the front cover of
a never-published magazine.
This smile is all you will ever see
unless you explore the remains of this broken door.
Will it ever be?

If you went back in time to see
my life through the years, if you
went back in time, you'd be drowned by all my tears.
If you search for the pieces dispersed, hopefully
the bad will be reversed,

Will you stay by my side?
Written when I was 12. It shows.
Jess Page Apr 2013
One shot.
It only took one shot,
then he faded away.
Bones weakening,
his heart stopping.
Life ending.
he came to rest.
The world around him disappeared.

Another shot,
from another gun,
From another blood.
He didn’t mean to shoot,
it wasn’t his fault.
He was fast act,
but too fast to think,
It all happened in a blink.
Jess Page Apr 2013
Master words play on your mind.
They affect you like a different kind.
How can letters create such scars?
For the answer you look to the stars,
but no can tell.

Raindrops imitate your tears.
Funny how they can't wash away your fears.
When did the rain become so weak?
You'll forget about it all next week.
But then it'll all come back again,
to haunt you, now and then.
"I'll fight it another day" you say,
but how close is that day?

I'm no good with words as you can tell, but I hope that these mean very well.
Love is patient, love is kind and I can't get you off my mind.
What I'm trying to say is this, I don't know how hard it is.
But if I did I'd let you know that I will never let you go.

Either way, that's still the truth and I will always be your roof
for when the rain come pouring down
and if I have to I will drown.
Just so that you can see, you mean everything to me.

So here it is, this is my song.
I hope that one day you'll sing along.
But if you can't well that's just fine, I can make it all mine.
To sing to you when you're feeling down,
to get you off the breaking ground.

And when it does then I will see, just how hard it is
And when I do I'll hold you tight and not let go
for the rest of the night.
More of a song, for someone you love who is hurt of being bullied

— The End —