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Aric Wheeler Dec 2014
Take the eraser to your skin and rub.

As flesh falls off and blisters and sores appear, keep rubbing.

As the sores become infected and yellow, keep rubbing.

Once you have rubbed through your ribs, cut out the heart and rub it away

The lungs

The spine

The brai
Aric Wheeler Nov 2014
Lay an egg
let it come out of your mouth
drill a hole in the egg
let the sunshine drip out
fill egg with confetti
cook for breakfast
Aric Wheeler Nov 2014
Fly to the sun
rest arms
Aric Wheeler Oct 2014
We are talking and I am thinking and you are listening
tiny green peas ripen into crimson heirloom tomatoes
the cerebral cavity starts to fill and compress each fruit
when the inflammation kicks in and the stew starts to
boil and bubble and now the only thing keeping the
head off the floor is the combination of the weight of
the stew and the steam from the heat balancing in such
a way so that the head is still stuck to the body and the
stew starts slipping into the veins the heart the stomach
where stew belongs but the tomatoes were rancid filled
with rotten seeds planted by inconsideration and doubt
this is the part when I start to spew an inferno of atoms
tomatoes peas and ash and as the explosion from my
mouth finishes the line is disconnected and I am here
covered in my magma and my malice and mi miedo
Aric Wheeler Sep 2014
Fall in love
Fall in love with everyone
let the energy fill your heart
give the love away

do not worry if the love will come back
Aric Wheeler Jul 2014
Pluck a dandelion from a field
hold the dandelion up to mouth
open mouth
eat the dandelion

Warning: Do not blow the dandelion away.
Aric Wheeler Jul 2014
Tape over the part of the scale that indicates weight
step on the scale
feel heavy with love
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