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  May 2016 Shadows Rising
Embrace the pain
While it last
Life is so short
Even pleasure must pass
The knowing can be bitter
The brooding of the quitter
But the heartbeat of the thankful
   Shall surpass...
Inspired by Weeping Willow's Dance
Shadows Rising Apr 2016
The sheep raid my plantation
Bringing down my fences
Eating my crop's
Polluting my air, With bitter taste
Bitter and angry i become
Full of rage...


In my mind's eye
I know all can be rebuilt
The air can become fresh
And the grass green

The cycle of it all
And all comes back around.....

Think about it.....
  Apr 2016 Shadows Rising
Jude kyrie
Brilliant Black

*Inside a dark room
Inside a locked box
A faded rose
A creased photograph.
A lock of hair
Brilliant black

Inside a dark room
Inside a locked box
An empty bottle of perfume
A  lipstick tube
A woolen glove
Brilliant black

Inside a dark room
Inside a locked box
A babies ******
A teething ring
all my tears.
A broken heart.
Brilliant black.
Shadows Rising Apr 2016
Passing of times
Wishing it would come back
But knowing
What you have been threw
The bad thing's you have witnessed
Participated in even
Knowing this
Regret set's in
But then you look back harder

and you realize

Your past was a learning curve for now......
Embrace the random......
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