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  Dec 2022 izzn
The UnKnown
Sometimes tears feel like broken glass
Like pushing a gem out of my eyes
Causing them to scratch and burn
Causing my vision to blur
And my lashes to wet
Sometimes the gems that are tears fall and shatter
Like the first drop of rain on the pavement that is my bathroom floor
Soon causing a puddle of shimmering diamonds
There's beauty in the sad
And pain in the beauty
  Dec 2022 izzn
life needs to destroy
a little
to become
like the center
of our atoms
into each other
to the depth
of mystery
  Nov 2022 izzn
sandra wyllie
I'm Eeyore. A dark cloud's
hanging over me, raining wine and
poetry. I won't leave the house. The sun
doesn't rouse me. I can't even leave

my bedroom. I'm so drowsy. Every day
is the same, lousy. Pulling the blankets
over my head, sinking in as a hibernating
bear. I'd like this year to disappear. It's a task

to brush my teeth, wash my face,
and join the human race. Men tell me to snap
out of it. Look at the bright side of things!
Count your blessings! But I'm a slug. And this

world is a treadmill looping around
and moving the ground under my feet. Colorful
collage of mixed messages scrambled together
that I can't encode. Slipping through my hands
like a muddy toad.
  Nov 2022 izzn
Grace E
He told me he’d take care of me.
The only person he couldn’t protect me from
Was himself
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