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judy smith Aug 2016
2016 Museum of Modern Art Party in the Garden - Inside
Vera Ellen **** is an American fashion designer who is mostly known for her dresses. But most do not know that she started out with a higher education at Sarah Lawrence College.

She had a bachelor degree in art history. The founder of Vera **** Bridal House has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs. She was able to fulfill her dreams with a college degree. She is one of the world's most successful business tycoons that learned about entrepreneurship. If you want to have a degree in design or fashion, and at the same time explore business, then following Vera ****'s career path might be something you can consider. According to Rasmussen, **** has an estimated net worth of $115 million.

**** grew up with Chinese roots but she was born and raised in New York. She initially graduated from Chapin school in 1967 and then attended the University of Paris. Afterwards, she went to Sarah Lawrence College in Westchester County and took a degree in art history.

What many do not know is that she competed in the U.S. Figure Skating Championships. She was featured in Sports Illustrated, 1968 edition. When she did not make the cut for the US Olympics, she set her sights on fashion.

With her background in art, she entered Vogue as an editor immediately after graduating from Sarah Lawrence. She was the youngest editor in the publication. She moved on to Ralph Lauren 17 years later. At the age of 40, she became an independent bridal wear designer.

With her experience and education, she now works with renowned fashion designers and designs for the likes of Victoria Beckham, Ivanka Trump, Avril Lavigne and Kim Kardashian.

She does not limit her designs to wedding dresses alone. She also ventures into the realm of evening wear and retail.

Vera ****'s success stems from her love of fashion. To this day, she still enjoys skating though as a "multidimensional" sport.Read more at: |
AUGUST Sep 2018
Ikaw lang, (Pangako)

Sa iyong mga mata nasisilip ko ang langit
Pagkat ikaw ang anghel na sa aki’y pinakamalapit
Sa mapulang labi mo’y nakakatuksong humalik
Lapit ka ng lapit, Ang titig sa pisngi, ayaw mapapikit,

Andito na ang iyong sandalang balikat
Sa iyong luha, ako ang sasalo ng lahat
Napakaganda mo para saktan, hindi  kita matitiis
Parang mababasagin kagamitan, porselana, tulad ng ‘yong kutis

Kapag nasisilayan kong Labi, may taglay na ngiti
Kalungkotan ko ay napawi, Limot ko na ang pighati
Wala akong minamadali, pagkat atin ang sandali
Kaylangan ko pa bang bumawi? Kung Pakiramdam koy di na lugi

Dahil ang bawat oras ko sayo aking pinagyayaman,
Ikaw ang nagbigay ng karanasang di ko makakalimutan
Ang bawat alaala’y binabalik paminsan minsan,
Pwede bang **** ka nang lumayo, dito ka nalang

Hawak ang malambot **** mga kamay
may ibinubulong ang boses **** malumanay
“Andito ka na, di na ko nalulumbay,
di ako sanay na ikaw ay mawalay”

"Ngunit mahal, kelan ba kita iniwan?
Pinabayaan, at kinalimutan,
Kelan ba ang panahong di kita isinaalang alang?
Tapat ang pangako kong di kita pababayaan, magpakailan man."
Congratulation to Aljhon and Marilyn,
Phoenix Black Jun 2020
A ****-****-pede rose from 'neath the sea
and sclobbered towards the beach
on seven and twenty tenticlaws
with a retching craw-craw screech

He flared his squinty nostrils
then snapped his clack-clack beak
his tenticlaws grabbed man and child
and he slapped his glob-glob cheeks

Soldiers came with their woof-woof guns
fired shots to schlump him dead
but they should have shot his flub-flub gut
not his hardy thick-***** head

Bescreeching craw-craw wallercries
The beast hauled himself onshore
Townchums flit-flit scurry-fleed
to evade his gaping maw

“I come in peace,” he scrotle-honked.
“Pray, let's have some fun.
I'd love a game of skittles, and a
custard cream-filled bun.”
Butch Decatoria Aug 2016
[This piece is a grower, one of my lengthier poems, but don't worry - just enjoy the journey on my ride.]

Craigs Schindler's
the Personals, VIP - Invite
Of "A" Listers on the DL
Haters D-Listing us...

So yeah, I got on
Craig's Intersection on Chrome,
and this what I read...

[MEN Seeking Men]
"Amen and good luck on finding the One in here"

Cyber-ly here,
We Seekers seeking Sick seas
to feel pleased,

Should of made a quick sticky
Note - "It's like looking through a filth mag."
with a mouse to turn the page
No need to feel shame.

Let's give us a chance,
Cyber here be
like - click - pics - clack
opens where we view
at that - a close up of a Mr.'s

**** Slong Johnson Peter Pecker Wood
(Don't ****)

Mushroom tops / Low sagging sacs...
The next pic - *click click
is also Member only.
Who's ads dare say
self-description / Promo / Sales' Pitch
A one-liner catch phrase

Hook  Line  And  Sinker.

**** Pleasures.  All your needs.
Age : 26 / Location : Strip.
His pic is also ****.

Where's my Cub? Top seeks Bttm
Bottom of the list
but still - It's Equal Opportunity Miss.

Late Night ******* looking for a Regular
(You know like how dogs keep going back
   to the same spot he ******)

Want a *******--22

Nips and JO (You know J for Jack and then Off)

Busco Chavito Activo M4M
Muchacho's Quatro Mi'cha-chos

All-American for encounters with the Same - discreet

Pages on pages of this place
Cyber Ether Web
And the address for such sites
     No longer a conversation chat room to connect
its business of exchanges
no one likes wasting time
getting nothing
     No one cares for a walk in quick-sand sludge
drowning in mud

In excess we numb our selves
from the heavy absence of Life
but I dare say :
     "Self-Respect is Love -Self - Love"
I stop flipping through the pages
of **** upon **** pics
a few body and **** shots
not one of a face
     without shade, beanies, hoods, photo-shopped
"disguise" - is the same as "hide"
so not to be recognized
so ridiculed with embarrassed shame
where they respect you at work

Must not end up like **** on Craig's list.
And without a pic, I place my own post

Yearning for Mr.'s **** Slong Johnson / Peter Pecker Wood
(Just for kicks--curiosity--what kind responds replies)
It's a gamble on here
Cyber-ly in there - with lists raining
*** and **** and misters (its hot in Sin city).

What's cookin'--who's lookin' -- Sookies
****** and Chance
perchance ...

To dream and in that dream, Feel...
when all I feel is blue
**** Slong Johnson Peter Pecker Wood
wit deez ... nuts
Family Jewels
Nothing but wanting for nutting

Don't be a ****
and go look for some kind of kindness
some kind of beautiful
life of a Love Life
back then when in the back of an '80's
pink station wagon...

Howling at the moon as all dogs do,
And no sign of a ******

Thank goodness thanks to She
Mothers love
my Juliet's
with sincerest respect

Don't forget to look for Love
**"I bow to the Divine in You"
Ben Jones Feb 2013
One day
Woke up feeling randy
No one else was handy
What's to do?
Get dressed
Satisfy the horn
With badly acted ****
On pay per view
Hopes sink
Cable's on the blink
But twitter lends a helping hand
Bang, bang, come and have a *******
Gain entrance on demand

Have a *******
Come and have a *******
It's a *******
Come and have a *******

Went out
Followed the directions
Battling erections
All the while
Red cheeks
Granny at the bus stop
Let her vision drop
Then cracked a smile
Half four
Knocking at the door
It opens and a voice proclaims
"Bang, bang, come and have a *******
We've far too many dames"

The host was a sight to see
Not far over seventy
And wrapped in a silk dressing gown
I thought I would walk away
But saw that the sky was grey
And it star-
-ted *******
It down

Stepped in
Blinded by a deep gloom
Ushered to a dark room
Curtains shut
Deep breath
Air is old and musty
Carpet feeling crusty
Sprawled there
Women lying bare
And fellas with their organs free
Bang, bang, cover up your ****, ****
Regain your decency

Pretty *******
Pretty ****** *******
****** *******
Pretty ****** *******

Look round
Writhing on the ground
With squishy little sounds
But something's odd
Fat lass
Itching at her *** crack
Isn't that a *******?
Oh my god!
Jaw drops
Granny from the bus stop
Wearing nothing but a grin
Bang, bang, pretty ****** *******
What ******* let her in?

She's nothing but skin and bone
With ribs like a xylophone
At least several decades too old
To use the vernacular
It's like bumming Dracula
She's wiry
She's wizened
She's cold

Oh (pretty) no (******)
Rasping on my ****
With fingers like a sock
Filled up with ice
No (scary) chance (hairy)
Giving her the slip
My todger's in a grip
Just like a vice
It (saggy) seems (baggy)
Like she's in a dream
While scraping with her ancient hand
Bang, bang, ****** ****** *******
My sore and swollen gland

Granny bang bang
Granny granny *******
Granny *******
Granny ***** *******

Knock, knock
Coppers at the door
Go crawling on the floor
And off at speed
What fun
Looking at the punters
Myriad of munters
As they flee'd
Cold, wet
Drowning in regret
With trousers round my knees I stand
Bang bang ****** ****** *******
Next time I'll use my hand
Bang bang ****** ****** *******
Next time I'll use my haaaaaaaaaaaaaaand!
John F McCullagh Jan 2015
**** works all day at his factory job making I Pods for you and me.
The pay is low and his hours are long, but there’s job security.
The company boss is a suspicious sort of his minions on the job.
They must be searched before they leave for fear he might be robbed.
There is a safety net at work for **** and all his crew.
It’s not medical and dental like exists for me and you.
No, this net is a cargo net- to catch leapers, naturally.
for preventing suicides is key to profitability.

— The End —