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zahra ly Aug 24
"Apa benar, khayalan bisa menjadi kenangan sekuat kenangan dari kenyataan?"
Aku berandai-andai menanyakan itu pada Tuan
Lalu sekiranya Tuan bertanya, "Puan, perihal apakah gerangan?"
Akan kujawab, "Tuan, tak sadarkah kita terjebak?"
Tuan bergeming.
"Tuan, jika saja kau tahu; perihal kita tiada sederhana”
Hearty  Feb 14
Tuan Labirin
Hearty Feb 14
Halo Tuan,
Masih ingatkah waktu kita tersesat?
Dilabirin Waktu bersama
Kau seolah paham dengan alurnya

Aku tersenyum dari belakang
Mengikuti tapak kakimu

Ditengah jalan, kau berhenti
“Aku sadar” katamu.
Mari kita berpisah
Dan jika memang benar alurnya,
Kita akan bertemu di ujung labirin ini

Aku berhenti dan menabrak punggungmu
Aku masih tidak bisa berpikir jernih
Hanya kalimat tanya yang ku pikirkan
Kau tau aku tak paham dengan labirin ini kan?
Dan kau suruh aku berjalan sendirian,
Dengan hadiah “jika benar kita akan bertemu di ujung labirin”

Tuan, lebih baik kita tak bersama dari awal
Akan sangat mudah bagiku untuk memahami alur ini jika aku sendiri saja
Terimakasih untuk setengah perjalanan ini
Dan untuk ujung labirin,
Ku harap aku menemukan ujung labirin lain,
Dan kau pasti tau alasannya.
Chris Slade Apr 1
Ladies of the Net… A warning to male adolescents everywhere…

“Hi Honey….I just got matched with your profile”… At least that’s what I think it said.
Brilliant I thought because I’m available and life round here is, well…it’s dead
“I’m looking for an experienced guy who’s good in bed…  been round the block, but not the clock…
One with plenty of experience and a huge…err…appetite…
for hooking up instead of these inexperienced boys…
They’re all excitable, probably all over too quick…
need someone with poise reserve and a twelve inch errr… Libido?… ego?
Click my pics kiddo and let’s get it on… you Stud!… Well I would!

*******! I’m overwhelmed but let’s not peak too soon…
There’s loads of stuff coming in as Spam that would probably make us all swoon.
So check it out…without fail, “eeeh!”  They’re all there - these ladies of the net - they crop up daily -
Sheila Blige… Tanya Hide… Mandy May,  Bette Sheedus, Lovinia ****…
I’m not sure if these are their real names... But - Phew -
with things like this going on round here we could all get *******!

She says she’s just round the corner, you know like Sompting, Steyning, LA (that must be Littlehampton)… Southwick…Little Haven Halt, Portslade.
We could meet in a lay-by and we’ll get laid… just an innocent little escapade.
It won’t be my fault if you miss this chance…
Just try it - I’ll handcuff you to the bed and lap dance.
Click on my pix, big boy, they all beckon.
Take a closer look at these sonny boy - now what do you reckon?

Well, you’d have to say they do look very alluring in the taster…
so why not just click...
to the next page… see the site… don’t waste-ya time…CLICK!
*******! The screen’s gone blank…
now I won’t even be able to have a __
Knock, Knock, Knock!

"Kevin!!!?"..."Mum?" "Is that you?" "Yes Mum!… Everything’s OK!… I’m just turning out the light… G’night!"
These days the temptations of the internet are many and varied... no longer restricted to top shelf magazines...It's all free and it's coming to gettya - Check out those parental controls!!
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