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lloyd britton Feb 2015
Clarity doesn’t always fit the rhyming scheme,
And reverence doesn’t always amount to lines like “I have a dream.”
But I find I like things to dance,
It enraptures me,
Especially to psytrance,
It sets me free.
Mark Donnelly  Jul 2016
Mark Donnelly Jul 2016
Psytrance plays,
I dance,
bass movin,
feet step n glide,
friend DJ smiles,
I smile,
this is how it is supposed to be,
havin fun,
dancin till the sweat comes,
dance more,
legs tired,
till I drop.
When your mate plays you support!
Thump thump thump
Jump jump jump
Twirl twirl twirl
Hurl hurl hurl
psytrance vibes lol
Dre G  Aug 2017
Dre G Aug 2017
across mountains of infamy
pompey oozed his way down
the port like chèvre, the
screeching miles behind him.
he wanted to be alexander
the great, just like all men in
his position. in 1999 everything
was blue, and before that grey,
and somewhere in between a few
communists painted themselves green
and now we have vesuvius.
now we have the arctic ice
sheets falling into the ocean,
now we have machines that
turn root vegetables to liquid.

alchemy was never one of
pompey's strong suits, and for
this caesar mocked him
outside every bodega in lower
manhattan. a fine servant of
pythagoras was he, and his
feminine ability of transmutation
unparalleled among his contemporaries.

build tributaries for gravity.
don't let this world, with its
smug disapproval of tesla & *****
demand a full fledged eclipse
of your hair, the arterial extension
of your crown chakra. many
avian predators will create
ripples in your hyperspace
continuum, remember the myth
of gravity at times like this.
vladimir lenin was able to
come to terms with his reptilian
heritage, right there in st. petersberg,
right there in burma, right there
in pontus, right there in zaire.
why would a maple leaf constricting
a tail light bring forth a civil war
in archaic rome or egypt? as pompey

felt the velcro snap from his
spine when the swords went in, he
cried the same words that caesar
would a few years later. he said
"i gave your father my finest figs &
cheeses & you betray a guest at your
own psytrance party?" the nile
flooded low that season, but across the
sea in sicily the lasagna piled high.

— The End —