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Trash, Stutter, Do you want to take a double?
I thought this was cool until I was dancing just looking at people who weren’t you.
I think everyone’s got a path they need to take Some call that destiny others call it fate they say the choice is yours though so what will you decide? will you go left or will you go right? Should you jump or should you climb? What if I fall but darling what if you fly?
The odds, the chances, the yucky side glances stomping our feet in the dirt to filthy psytrance.

May your life be as beautiful as you make mine and these memories remind you of all the good times.
I will continue to shed these layers peacefully healing to grow a new cycle begins. Breathe in and breathe out and feel it all out be mindful of yourself and others around. But do no harm and take no **** it’s so important to be surrounded by good things.
I didn’t ask for much I never got upset I took every rejection in my stride with out questioning it.
But the truth came out and broke me in two I’d literally just uprooted my life for you to find someone new?
Educate, don’t don’t have to share the same thoughts okay?
I’ve always felt like I’m someone you can get lost with, which is hard sometimes because most people I think are just trying to be found.

- DR
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