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Brittany Wynn  Nov 2014
Brittany Wynn Nov 2014
From the start, I easily forgot
differences, like miles and years.
My mind played your smiles on repeat.
The countdown to our union dragged,
but looking into your sunburst
blue eyes lit me up like kindling.

Typed words transmute me—
pretty wrappings thrown away
to reveal mirrors warped
by my insecurities and a hasty
decision brought a voice that softens
into 3 AM, half-laughs when
my cheeks flush
under your warm palms.

My mind splits half and half
for ends and beginnings.
I shove the bowling pin
from our first date, given
to us with our names in grand,
black letters, to the back
of the closet, listening
to “The Show Goes On”
to weld back together.

— The End —