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PaulSta SA  Oct 2015
PaulSta SA Oct 2015
He is laying clumsy like
A corpse.Scars are internal,the bleeding is invisible.
He is hurt,wearing a bandage of pain
That howls deep inside
Like a bear roars,as he shade
A tear.

In the reality,it hit him like a nightmare
His soul sailing still,like a
Titanic underneath his
Skin,miss her swearing
She will never leave,but lies
Were against love.

Innocence on her face,
Like an angel addled his
Mind.As she was his most
Achilles Heel.
He was an epitome of
Her happiness,like no man
Can make her happy.Her
Smile a prevailer of his miserous
Life.Love for her was like
Tons of raindrops.

In the deep end,
Wearing his heart under his
Sleeves,woe be gone on
His closet,only a fake
If he is smiling.

Tears flow like water
In the sink hole,and throat was
A Sahara Desert.Wandering a
World on a pale sight like
A phantom,
Try to amalgamate pieces
Of his heart.
Reflections of my past romantic relationship
sometimes she does not recognise herself
she is not the same person from five years ago
back then, things like innocence were real
infedility was something other women practiced frequenty
other women
disloyal women
not her though

she feels tainted, stained
irrevocably ashamed
marked with a poisionous cheater's kiss
she wants to go back to wedded bliss
she is desperately looking for some way to fix it
to find some sort of reprieve

she stares into the ***** mirror
hearing the whisper of her old friend, Fear
telling her of the art of sabotage
an art she wishes she'd never mastered
what can I say?
vows were made to be obeyed
when she broke those sacred promises
her soul shattered just the same
so when she looks into that mirror
her reflection is a stranger
she wants to be anyone else
not this unfaithful mess of a shell
so she smashes that glass into tiny shards
it's time to move on
time to make a new start
fear taught her the art of sabotage
now she's making a new start
Coronavirus is a *******,devouring beast .
He surprised the common man,the nun,the monk and the priest...

His unbiased character strikes out the community of defaulters as well as the sinners alike.  

To restore man's moral premises.                            And brings  out all ties of good luck.  

Human sanctity and Mankind's barbarity, twisted morality and prostituted the scarcity of what remains of human  dignity.

Coronavirus  hits the poor and the rich alike.
He neither spares foes nor betrays allies.        
the aim is to insure a new lifestyle and curb any loose  control.    

Man is ungrateful to Allah 's numerous  blessings.  

His rebellious Nature made his sins proliferated in disdain...

Coronavirus is a latent disease that is spreading viral around like a summer breeze .

It annihilates countries with a history full of immoral corruption.  

The  pandemic comes to destroy the old world with  a ***** load of excessive lies .

The  plague is a dragon and a furious beast , spitting fire over his disciples  unscropulously to  mute their imprudent infedility .  

Their blind devotion to Satanic emotions alters their creed to nihilism and distortion.

— The End —